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Backing up PT on your PS4
Report filed by Jun 27th, 2015

It is possible to make a personal backup your PS4 data, including your games, in case something happens to your ps4 or you delete pt or whatever. I decided to do that today just to see if I could, in some way, make sure I always have a copy of PT. One problem is you have to back up your entire system. So if that’ 500 Gigs, you need a USB device you can fit 500 gigs on, and it’ll probably take a long time to copy. I didn’t really have a whole lot of games downloaded, so I just deleted all other games. When I deleted the other games, it said since I have a license I can always re-download. This got the used space of my ps4 down to a measly 7 gigs, which I could have reduced even further if I’d thought to delete my screencaps and video captures.

Earlier today, when I checked my PS4, I saw a notice that it’s no longer possible to download PT (this may not be so in Europe, but it is true in the US). This made me kind of nervous, like what if something happens to my PS4? What if I delete PT for some reason in the future and then regret it? So I decided to try backing up my system.

Anyway, here is the process:

First, go to “Settings” and click on “system.”

Then choose “back up and restore.”

“Back up PS4.”

Once you insert a USB drive or other USB device with sufficient space, you can click “next.” Make sure “applications” is selected, because that’s where your games are.

This tells you the total size. Then click “back up” to start copying data.

This screen will appear, telling you the progress.

Here is what the actual files being copied look like on your computer. You can’t just directly access the PT files, but it may give some peace of mind to have copied them so you have a backup. More info on backing up your system can be found here:

I was able to start playing PT again right afterwards.

According to the notification that PSN sent (at least to US PSN users, not sure about other countries yet), you are only unable to re-download from PSN, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use backed up data.

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