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    Cage of Cradle
    Report filed by Feb 11th, 2013

    Cage of Cradle was a mobile phone comic that came out in 2006. Hiroyuki Owaku wrote the story, and Masahiro Ito did the illustrations. It was only released in Japan and focuses on Lisa Garland before the events that take place in the first Silent Hill game.

    Some fan-translated panels from Cage of Cradle

    Trailer for Cage of Cradle, from the Japanese release of the first movie on DVD:

    A bunch more images are here.

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    3 Responses to “Cage of Cradle”

    1. Wow, this could be really impressive. I can’t wait to read it in full! (what happened to her chest, though? It ballooned?)

      March 2nd, 2013

    2. @Caylex: Yes, I think we’re missing a page or two where it talks about her getting massive breast implants… 0_o

    3. Where can I read/buy this manga. Am I doomed to wander the abyss of wonders, desire and lust, yearning for the thirst quenching tale that is Cage of Cradle…. also is this in the same boat as double under dusk? like really, its like torture when they flaunt stuff like this that we can’t have :'(

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