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Connections between SILENT HILL and………PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?
Report filed by Jan 29th, 2013

Having seen 4 of these PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies now, and the whole demon mythology they’re trying to build upon with each successive one, I couldn’t help but notice a few similarities to another story which revolves around occult demonism and the like. That being – the original Silent Hill video games.

More specifically, the 1st and 3rd games in the series which have now been adapted into feature films themselves. Dare I say, however, that the PARANORMAL movies have actually done a far better job at conveying the demon lore behind the SH games than their movie counterparts of the same name have? The 1st one, at least.

I take a closer look…


In the 1st PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film, early on after some of the first unexplained disturbances have occurred boyfriend Micah is sifting through a book of occultism:

At one point he stops at a chapter called “Casus Luciferi“, on the left page is a depiction of a goat-headed demon, with large feathered wings and female breasts…

In the 1st SILENT HILL game, this also happens to be the final boss monster you fight. Its official name is “Incubus“, and it’s never officially stated but often implied that what you’re fighting is the embodiment of the cult in the game’s demon God – Samael.

In Jewish mythology, Samael was an archangel of death but known for being both good & evil and described as a male.

Visually it appears to be based on the hermaphroditic deity known as Baphomet, commonly mistaken as demonic, which the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping before being disbanded by the Catholic Church.

In real-world mythology the incubus is the counterpart to a succubus, and is a demon who seduces its human victims in their sleep. Its actual appearance is a representation of that theological deity by Eliphas Lévi, widely associated with the occult.

As its namesake would suggest, the Incubus is incomplete. To exhibit this attribute, it is portrayed in illustrations with its abdomen rotted away with only its spine exposed.


In PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, this archaic symbol starts to appear throughout the film in various places:

The shapes have something to do with Judaism lore and the legend of King Solomon, the triangle specifically. The circle is used to bind a demon or evil spirits in one place. Without going into a laborious amount of detail, um…… ain’t for good things.

In these movies, I guess it is the sign of the demon(whose name is “Toby“). Either it was used to summon him, or merely indicate his presence. Apparently, long ago little Katie & Kristi’s ancestors made a pact with this demon – in exchange for certain financial wealth & power, they would sacrifice their 1st born son to it. Which would happen to occur, just in time for these movies to be made.

What timing!

This symbol is commonly known as the Thaumaturgic Triangle.

Often associated with 2 other symbols of traditional occult lore, seems that it can also be depicted as a triangle within a circle instead of the other way around as shown in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films.

Which leads me to…


Also known as the Talisman, Virun VII Crest and Circle Emblem. In the original Silent Hill, the symbol appears throughout the game inscribed largely on the ground or written on walls:

It is actually supposed to have the opposite effect of how the symbol is portrayed in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Instead of summoning a demon, it is supposed to act as a deterrent and ward off the power of evil. Although you are duped into believing it actually is the Crest Mark of Samael, the demon, and are actually unknowingly helping your enemy to prevent the symbol from spreading.

“To the town’s religious organization, the Seal of Metatron is an ordinary talisman with no particular significance. As Alessa was unable to spread this crest throughout the entire town in the first game, its power was never demonstrated. In spite of this, both Vincent and Leonard misunderstood its abilities.”

Hiroyuki Owaku, writer

In SH3, the Seal is actually a physical artifact you can obtain…

Once again, it was erroneously thought to be the one true source of power that could stop the cult’s God(demon) from being born. Were for that to happen, although the cult sees it as a new beginning for all of mankind, a return to “Paradise“…… would rather most certainly mean a virtual hell on Earth.

So when the time comes for Heather, the game’s hero, to whip out that thing and use it for the good of us all, it just turns out to be completely, and hilariously…………useless.

Or as Claudia, the villain, remarks “Oh, well that’s just a piece of junk“.

Seal of Metatron as seen in SILENT HILL: REVELATION 3D

METATRON, in Jewish and Christian mythology, was an angel of some importance in the seraphim order. Also spelled or pronounced as “Metraton“, he is often attributed as a messenger of God and in Jewish lore described as the “Heavenly Scribe“, second only to the almighty one himself.

In Christian beliefs, God’s voice was thought to be too powerful for any mere mortal’s ears. So, he conveyed his message to Adam & Eve through Metatron, only acting as an angel and as such had no affects on Adam. Metatron was also tasked with banishing Adam & Eve from the gardens of Eden after they ate fruit from the sacred tree.

So would one be able to take this as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY somehow lifting or ripping off the SH games?

Not at all, only that both works are clearly drawing from the same source material of real-world demon lore as reference for their fictional storylines. Although one could make the case that the PARANORMAL movies have actually done a better job at depicting Silent Hill‘s demon story…….than the actual SILENT HILL movies have.


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4 Responses to “Connections between SILENT HILL and………PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?”

  1. Baphomet is not a demon. Most of the references in the game are not “demonic”. Even the paranormal is not “demons”, it is spirits. Silent Hill likes to give strong references to the occult which does not necessarily even pertain to Satanism at all. The pentacle/pentagram is another commonly mistaken symbol. It has as many definitions as there are words in our language and more. Not all of these meanings tie to Satanism in any form. I for one am Wiccan. I do wear pentacles and pentagrams. I do witchcraft which isn’t evil or scary. There are no demons or Satan involved. I do deal with spirits or the “paranormal” as you put it. Silent Hill is quite frankly just loosely based fiction to thrill, not a conspiracy theory.

  2. I think SH just draws from a lot of sources to create its atmosphere. Maybe I didn’t read closely enough, but I don’t think he was talking about satanism in the above article, I don’t see it mentioned anywhere; I think a lot of the symbols came from Judaism. Satanists don’t believe in or worship satan.

    I haven’t seen the Paranormal Activity movies (well, I saw the first one, and that’s why I didn’t watch the rest).

  3. baphomet samael lucifer is one samael was the real name of lucifer before his fall lucifer was the latin name the real name of lucifer was samael in heaven all the satanist call him samael in the real name this game is very dangerous im very addicted in this game i will ask help from God to levae this game

  4. this game is created by satan to play tricks with you minds the music of this game is not human Akira Yamaoka who wrote the music was helped by lucifer because the music is demonic very powerful no human can create music like this Satan before his fall was the best in music in heaven he was so best tthat god gave him the ability to play all the music in univers with 1 finger ask help from jesus to not play again this game and not listen the music of this game because this is the most dangerous game ever made

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