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Differences in the SHHD Collection
Report filed by Feb 9th, 2013

[semi-restored post]

Video tape: SHHD has the tape playing in a tv shaped frame.
The streets in SHHD are clean, rather than grimy looking.
Levit0 asking Masahiro Ito his opinion on SHHD.
Maria melts in the cell cutscene.
First aid kit cross is slightly different on the medipacks and the hospital posters.
Distances on the signs were changed.
The shore looks much closer, and the parking lot is cleaner.
No fog on the water, so the water texture isn’t as soft and realistic as in the original.
Lighting in SH3 chapel looks different.
Yellow glow in some halls.
the haze in the belfry is gone.
The red glow can be seen through the walls in the haunted mansion.
Save screen not distorted.
Clean streets in both games.
Lacking red glow on PH in the apartments.

One Response to “Differences in the SHHD Collection”

  1. Essentially, no standard set of rules exists for re-mastering a game. Every game is different and coded differently and uniquely. Part of the issue was Hijinx Studios converting 10-year-old code from a completely different set of developers.

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