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Fake SH4 UFO Ending rumor
Report filed by Aug 28th, 2011

Somebody on youtube is trying to take advantage of the gullible Silent Hill fanbase again, by creating a fake UFO ending for Silent Hill 4. While it’s true that one was planned, it was never implemented. This is a fan-created video. The video would be cool, except the dude is deliberately trying to mislead people by saying it’s real.

Believe me, if it were real, I’d know. I’ve gone through every single file on the disc. To see the items that were included on the disc but not available for a planned UFo ending, go here.

Just don’t fall victim to believing another stupid rumor, like the SH1 ambulance ending and the SH2 Maria pole dance rumor.

But yeah, as I said, I wouldn’t be hating on it if dude said he made it himself. It’s just that he’s going around trying to get people to believe it’s actually in the game. That’s what I disagree with.

Also, here are the [fake] instructions for getting it:

The UFO Ending of Silent Hill 4: The Room. I guess Walter’s blender machine was a UFO all along and he just wanted to… watch polo.. inside his mother… who was an alien saucer or something…? Oh Konami.

I’ll try to retrace my steps and list everything I can remember that might have led to this. I wasn’t aware that there was a UFO ending for this game and stumbled into this accidentally, so I apologize for not having clearer directions. Some of these points may be totally irrelevant:

1. The memory card I was using already had completed save files for SH2: Greatest Hits and SH3. After starting a new game, I got all four endings in one save file by continuously playing the new fear games. Whenever prompted for difficulty, I chose hard. I was deliberately attempting to go from the worst to the best ending over four playthroughs, so the order of my endings were 21 Sacraments, Eileen’s Death, Mother, and Escape. On my fourth ending (Escape), I got a 10 star ranking.

2. I started the next new fear game in one weapon mode. At the bottom of the escalator, I took the wine bottle. I did not take or use any golf clubs or nonessential weapons for the course of the game after this (including Eileen’s weapons).

3. Upon somehow completing one weapon mode with 10 stars, I started the next game in all weapons mode. Again, I chose only the wine bottle and left the rest of the weapons because I’m retarded.
Note: Throughout this playthrough, I did a lot of stupid stuff out of boredom, including:
• Making it a point to knock down each of the four ghosts in the game (Cynthia, Jasper, Andrew, Richard) at least once (still only using the wine bottle) before running away. I didn’t pin them, just knocked them down the hardest way possible for shits and giggles.
• I didn’t pick up/use any nonessential weapons throughout the game, and didn’t touch my reserve of never-ending nutrition drinks (nor ammo, as I never used the gun).
• I didn’t attempt to get rid of any of the hauntings in Henry’s apartment.

4. Right when you’re about to descend into the hole and fight the final boss, Henry notices that Walter’s body is gone. When I examined the empty cross and after Henry did his “herp de derp where’d the body go” text, a message saying I had found a Channeling Stone popped up.

5. I discovered that you have to use the channeling stone on the giant monster/Walter thing instead of the umbilical cord. You MUST do this before Eileen dies. Once you use the channeling stone on the creature, the same cutscene will play as if you had used the umbilical cord. Now you’re free to run around and do whatever you want, all you have to do is survive until Eileen walks into the grinder. Once she does, the UFO ending starts.

Unlike SH 1-3, I have not discovered any further unlockable material/weapons after getting the UFO ending in following new fear games.

Anyway, some people see this and still think it’s real. There are several reasons it’s not:

First and foremost, no such video file is on any of the discs. You can view the videos on the discs, and it’s simply not there.

Notice also how dude makes it hard to do so people can’t fact check as easily: you have to play through four times without saving on hard difficulty, and to get the endings in a certain order with a 10 star ranking.

Also, in 1-weapon mode, he chooses the wine bottle. And still gets a 10 star ranking, without using any health items, either.

Also, you’ll notice he says there is no bonus for doing all this! The other games reward you for getting a UFO ending. This is because people would ask him to produce evidence of such new weapons or bonus items, and he would not be able to.

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