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Interview with Monica taylor Horgan
Report filed by Nov 15th, 2011

Recently I had the chance to speak with the original voice of Mary and Maria in Silent Hill 2, Monica Taylor Horgan. (Click here to check out her Facebook!) Monica’s been doing voice acting for a while now. She attended King’s College, University of London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. In Silent Hill 2, she was the voice behind some of the most poignant moments in the game, such as Mary’s letter to James. Monica moved seamlessly back and forth between the sick, depressed character of Mary and the sassier, sexier Maria.

Amy: You’ve said the Mary letter was done in one take, which is awesome, many consider it one of the best moments of the game. How did you get yourself into character, especially the way the characters sort of shift in places like the scene in the prison cell?

Monica: Maria was easier for me. She’s such a vamp and that’s a lot of fun to play. Mary was so much harder. She had a fragility I don’t really have outwardly. I had just moved from Japan and was really emotional about leaving. I flew back from London (where we moved) and I was doing the last day of the job and the last job of my full time residence there. I also lost my mom young and I used a lot of that feeling of regret. The combo was a very emotional one!

Do you play videogames at all? Have you played SH2?

As I type this my daughter is playing Wii right now! I’m s lot more physical–outside a lot. I do play them! But not religiously. I played sh2 and never made it to the letter!!

I liked that SH2 had the additional Maria scenario, “Born from a Wish,” allowing us to explore the character more. Did you have a favorite SH2 scene (or favorite character, Mary or Maria?)?

Maria was so wicked! Manipulative and seductive and her “fragility” was really only turned on if she wanted something. That was SUPER fun to play. Even though that letter was the best work I think I’ve ever done, I would have to say Maria was my fave!

What did you envision for the game when it came out? Many still consider it the best in the series. Now we’ve had a lot of sequels, movies, etc. What’s it like to be part of the Silent Hill legacy?

Surreal!! I’m so blown away! I knew it was really special at the time and would probably have a niche but I didn’t realize it would be like…the Star Wars of video games!!

What do you think of what’s going on with the Silent Hill: HD controversy? I know about the problems with lack of proper contracts, but it still seems bizarre to me, to replace important parts of the most well-loved game in the series.

I’m really hopeful Konami US will consider releasing an HD version with the original voices too. I don’t think they ever realized what the fallout would be. I’m still hoping to help make that happen if I can.

Thanks again! Any closing words?

Thank you!

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