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    Keichiro Toyama on the true ending of SH1
    Report filed by Feb 25th, 2012

    via twitter:

    @adsk4 (Translate) Dear Toyama-san, I am a huge fan of your work on Silent Hill! If you could spare time, I would like to ask you some questions regarding the storyline in your game. When you wrote Silent Hill, which ending did you originally write as the true ending? Bad, Bad+, Good, or Good+ ? The Good+ ending was the hardest to achieve, was that because you wanted players to work hard for the real ending? Was Cybil suppose to die, or was she supposed live and leave with Harry and the baby out of Silent Hill? Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon!

    Toyama’s response given by Masahiro Ito on his twitter.

    @null I’ve received the answer. He said,
    “I started to write that story without to decide ending, but I thought it was necessary to make a great change and surprise in it, toward writing the ending of the story. So I thought up the dead of Cybil and “Good+” ending. I thought it was desirable that the “Good+” ending would be become clear after few weeks since it was released, but it was found out immediately.
    I remember that I said “Good” was the true ending, because Good+ is a game’s game. Probably, Owaku remembered that and he wrote SH3 story as a sequel to “Good”.But, now, I change my mind and consider the “Good+” is a true ending.

    3 Responses to “Keichiro Toyama on the true ending of SH1”

    1. Hi
      Could you give me a link to the original post on twitter.

    2. Here is the link from searching on TwitteR for the question, answer doesn’t seem to be archived:

    3. That is the Twitter account for MAsahiro Ito not for Toyama… @K_Toyama it’s the right account 😉

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