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By Mar 8th, 2009

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Akaichou: a forum in German about Project Zero and other games.

A Shot in the Dark: Silent Hill comics.

Czech Silent Hill Fansite

Halo of the Sun Info on the symbol.

Avianna Cosplay: Some great cosplay pics! Survival horror site and forums. larger SH site in Russian. Very large and comprehensive SH2 site.

Inner Fear

Lisa fansite

Menton3’s site: artist for Past Life comics. German forum for survival horror games, especially the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series.

Nightmarish Dream

Nobu Hill: Masahiro Ito‘s site

Rely on Horror

Silent Hill Apocalypse: info on all the games

Silent Archives:

SH: Brookhaven


Silent Haven Whitney’s site on SH merchandise, promotional items, etc. A large and active SH forum.

Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive A lot of SH-related sites and a forum. Silent Hill Heaven forum. Large and active. Large site covering the whole series. Größte deutsche Silent Hill-Fanhomepage mit den Übersetzungen der japanischen “Lost Memories”, “Another Crimson Tome” & “Victim-Files”, sowie weiterem interessanten Inhalt rund um die Silent Hill-Werke.

The largest German SH Site with translations of the Japanese Lost Memories, Another Crimson Tome, and SH4 victim files, as well as other interesting Silent Hill content. (And just because it’s in German doesn’t mean non-German speakers can’t find good stuff there, so check it out!) Large and comprehensive SH:SM site and info on the new game. Formerly called “Always on my Mind,” but Whitney decided to change to name to include more SH game content. She is now planning to expand to add content for all the games and movies.

Lost Memories: in Spanish.

Silent Hill Latinoamerica Forums

Silent Hill Resorts: a lot of interesting SH hidden stuff, in Spanish.

Silent Hill Town Center: A general SH site.

Silent Hill Wish House: Silent Hill news, podcast, etc.

Silent Hill References

Silent Hill Universe a site covering all the games. The Silent Hill wiki! A great place to go for information.

The Atonement: interactive SH map

The Bitter End: Now, covering various survival horror news.

The Cult

Silent Hill Media: SH media collections and other stuff. Good place to find videos, rare audio, and info, mainly on the first four games. A large and comprehensive site for the whole series.

Town of Silent Hill: directory of Silent Hill related websites.

Visit Silent Hill: The Silent Hill Office of Tourism ~ A Silent Hill Cosplay website.

Translated Memories: Translation of the book of lost memories in English.

Video-Nasties Horror movies, video games, etc. One of my other sites.

Voices in the Static: Silent Hill podcast from Whitney of SHHS.

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  1. Hi,

    ich habe gerade gesehen das du das Nightmare-Games Forum und die Homepage aus deinen Links entfernt hast.

    Bitte gebe mir eine kurze Info darüber ob du die Seiten wieder aufnehmen willst oder nicht.

    Lieber Gruß

    Douglas aus dem

  2. Der Link is wieder da, ich hatte all meinen Links vorloren und nur die alten auf dieser Seite… Ich schicke dir gerade eine Email…

    July 1st, 2010

  3. @Morten: Sorry for the delay, I have put the link and button up now! =0)

  4. hey there,
    I’dlike to submitt my website: Inner Fear

    here’s the link:

    If you accept it, you can find logos and banners here:

    Thank you!

  5. I have added your button, Southvale. =0)

  6. Thank you, I also added Alchemilla Hospital on Inner Fear, hope there’s no problem 😉

  7. Thanks, Southvale!

  8. this is neat

    --Gabriel Crespo
    October 24th, 2011

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