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locations of all candles:
Report filed by Feb 20th, 2009

* Hospital Room, 2F, behind a vase
* Subway World 2nd Time, first room you’re in
* Subway World 2nd Time, Lynch Street Maintenance Room
* Subway World 2nd Time, Lynch Street subway car
* Forest World 2nd Time, near wheelchair doll
* Forest World 2nd Time,far northeast area.
* Water Prison World 2nd Time, one on each floor (see ‘maps’ section)
* Building World 2nd Time, at the top floor of the interior staircase
* Building World 2nd Time, outside lowest floor elevator goes to, southeast of the corner of the area.
* Building World 2nd Time, Storage Room (B5) next to sports store.
* Building World 2nd Time, at the top floor of the Hotel South Ashfield across from where the car is
* Apartment world 2 room206
* apartment world 2, 106 kitchen counter

to use:
stand in front of haunting, look at the ground. advance toward haunting until screen flashes. use candle. back up and watch candle burn completely.

If there are multiple hauntings in the same area, it’s sometimes possible to exorcise multiple hauntings at once by putting the candle on the floor between them.

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