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Making of SH1
Report filed by Feb 18th, 2009

Making of SH1 video


6 Responses to “Making of SH1”

  1. Hey thanx for this! I was looking for one translated in English!

  2. Thanks man for posting this video.

    --Ali Makki (Amylian)
    February 19th, 2010

  3. arrrggghh…region blocked?
    i remember uploaded a sh1 first 15 minutes and they block my video on so many countries, inclued on mine…sigh..
    i guess that is way do you do not have it in alchemilla hospital1 yt channel, right?

    can you share another way to watch this?


  4. Sorry to hear.

    It’s in my old youtube account, has nothing to do with regions. I think I forgot the password for that account or something, or I wanted one with the site name in it, can’t recall.

    Uploading it to my webspace now, will try to get the player to work. Otherwise, if you have something to play flv files, it will be at:

  5. Hey Doc, I was wondering if the second video (the non-YouTube one) is the same as the first? It seems it does not want to load and just says Error #2032.

    --Anthony Hufford
    December 18th, 2011

  6. Oh, thanks. I must’ve forgot to move some files when I moved the website.

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