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Media from the Silent Hill Experience UMD for PSP
Report filed by Jul 28th, 2015

Left Hallway

Clicking on the left button from the main entrance will take you to a hallway where you can choose to view the UMD comics.

Silent Hill: Hunger UMD Comic

Some people have asked me for screencaps from the Silent Hill Experience UMD comic Silent Hill: Hunger, so here they are (this one was only available on the UMD disc, not in printed format like the others). They are *.jpg files in a zip file. If you want to read the whole thing, I recommend opening the first file in something like Windows Photo Viewer so you can just use the arrows to go to the next panel.

Zip file of whole comic (jpg files), 48 Mb

The UMD also included Dying Inside, but that was also released in print.

Slideshow area

This is accessed by choosing the “up” button from the main entrance. It includes a slideshow with the following images:

Clicking on red “X”s will allow you to access the hidden Fukuro and Ki-no-ko videos:

Right Hallway

You get to this hallway by clicking the right button from the main entrance area.
Choosing “up” in this hallway will zoom in on the TVs.

Here, you can choose to view trailers for Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4, and the first film, as well as the Usagi video.

Choosing “left” from this area will take you to a music room with a piano and a music stand.

The piano (left) will allow you to listen to a selection of songs from the games.

The music stand (right) will take you to an interview with Akira Yamaoka.

Wheelchair room

Choosing “up” from the music room will take you to a room with a wheelchair. Here, you can either view the disc credits or watch the following interviews:


Many more SHE screencaps can be found in the SHE Gallery. Here is a small sample:

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