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Mobile games, comics, and other Silent Hill stuff
By Jun 27th, 2015


  • Silent hill (2006 film) images
  • Silent Hill Revelation 3D images


  • Silent Hill Sounds Box


  • Cage of Cradle [cellphone comic]
  • Cage of Cradle image gallery
  • Double under dusk images [cellphone comic]
  • White Hunter [SH0 soundtrack comic]
  • Hunger [SHE UMD comic] screencaps
  • Hunger [SHE UMD comic] review
  • Paint it Black

    The Silent Hill Experience UMD

  • Complete listing of media on disc as well as video clips of the exclusive interviews and SH Hunger UMD-exclusive comic.
  • Image gallery

    Silent Hill: The Arcade

  • SH: The Arcade screencaps
  • [SHC] SH The Arcade ported to PC by fans

    Book of Memories

  • Book of Memories images
  • Konami code in BoM

    Mobile Games

  • Mobile games images
  • Silent Hill Mobile DX
  • Silent Hill Orphan walkthrough
  • Downloads

  • Silent Hill Orphan for PC
  • Silent Hill Mobile DX, SH Mobile 2, SH Mobile 3 for PC

    Other games

  • Playstation Home [PS3] SH stuff gallery
  • PS Home Silent Hill stuff video [PS3]
  • Robbie in Krazy Kart Racing [Android/iPhone]
  • A video of various Robbie appearances in other games
  • Pyramid Head in New International Track and Field
  • Silent Hill area in Second Life
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