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    -Site news: updates
    -PT site finally removes Norman Reedus picture
    -Konami makes Youtube remove Super Bunnyhop video
    -Backing up your PT PS4 data
    -Ebay removing listings of PS4s with PT installed
    -More News

    By Dec 9th, 2009

    Modding FAQ

    Game Textures

  • SH Origins Textures
  • SH 1 textures
  • SH2 textures 1
  • SH2 textures 3
  • SH2 textures 3
  • SH3 textures 1
  • SH3 textures 2
  • SH3 textures 3
  • SH3 textures 4
  • SH4 Textures 1
  • SH4 textures 2
  • SHH textures 1
  • SHH textures 2
  • SHSM textures 1
  • SHSM textures 2

    Skins for PC Version

    Shirtless James
    Alessa Skin for Mary
    Harry Mason skin for James
    Vincent skin for Henry-currently offline
    Cheryl skin for Laura
    Mary skin for Maria
    James and Maria skin for Eileen and Frank-currently offline

    Utilities and Tutorials

  • Silent Hill Extractor, for extracting files from Silent Hill 1 (from here)
  • Silent Fly Cam/Charhack instructions (SH2/3)
  • How to use sh texture explorer (SH2/3/4)
  • SH 234 Level Viewer
  • Using the level viewer (SH2/3/4)
  • Silent Hill Resource Editor (SH2/3/4)
  • SH2 Model Extractor
  • Scarlet program (SHH)
  • Tutorial for Scarlet program (SHH)
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