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By Dec 9th, 2009

Modding FAQ

Modding FAQ – Go here first! A game by game breakdown of what programs are available and links to tutorials.

Textures ripped from the games

  • SH1 textures
  • SH1 OPM16 demo textures
  • SH Origins Textures
  • SH2 textures 1
  • SH2 textures 3
  • SH2 textures 3
  • SH3 textures 1
  • SH3 textures 2
  • SH3 textures 3
  • SH3 textures 4
  • SH4 Textures 1
  • SH4 textures 2
  • SHH textures 1
  • SHH textures 2
  • SHSM textures 1
  • SHSM textures 2

    Skins for PC Versions

  • SH2: Invisible James skin for PC*
  • SH2: James as Harry skin for PC*
  • SH2: Laura as Cheryl skin for PC*
  • SH2: Maria as Mary skin for PC*
  • SH2: Shirtless James skin for PC*
  • SH2: Mary as Alessa skin for PC*
  • SH4: Henry as Victim 21 skin for PC*
  • SH4: Eileen wearing Heather’s clothes skin for PC*

    *Always back up corresponding mdl or bin files before unzipping to appropriate data folder.

    Utilities and Tutorials

  • Silent Hill Extractor, for extracting files from Silent Hill 1 (from here)
  • Silent Fly Cam/Charhack instructions (SH2/3)
  • How to use sh texture explorer (SH2/3/4)
  • SH 234 Level Viewer
  • Silent Hill Resource Editor (SH2/3/4)
  • Scarlet program (SHH)


  • SH2 Models/levels for download
  • SH3 Models/levels for download [SHC]
  • SH4 Models/levels for download [SHC]
  • SHH Models/levels for download [SHC]
  • SHSM Models/levels for download [SHC]

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