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Online SHPN
Report filed by Feb 18th, 2009

NOTE: Full Harry scenario is now up. The Cybil is missing a few lines of text, but it’s more or less up also.

Articles on this version:

PS3 browser version – go to the site, load the page you’re on now (on your PS3), then click this link from your PS3 browser to play. This is how I am testing it. L1 will reset the game.

Known issues:
-first choice when you meet Kaufmann (fixed online)
-missing parts in cafe (still needs uploaded)
-missing choice buttons (fixed for Harry)

Important Notes:

  • You may have to wait for the music and images to load for a few seconds before anything becomes clickable.
  • Once you see the cards, your game is over. You can start again or try a different character.
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    17 Responses to “Online SHPN”

    1. Encourage~~But, there’s too long 4 harry’s stories…and the screen is so…………….small. My eyes r pain! I gonna become blind~ i should get some rest….and now’s night….This is so scary and i think i can’t sleep well at night if i keep continue on this…


    2. That is the same size as the actual game. This is not supposed to be a substitute for the game, and if you don’t like the online version, I can only suggest buying the actual game like I did.

      April 3rd, 2009

    3. […] more videos and things up, and pages relating to later games. Edit: the SHPN translation is back up here. 2009: After letting expire because it was on a Windows server and I wanted more […]

    4. Hey Nice work Valtiel,this is great

    5. I get an error “ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND”, no matter what I try choose.
      Can you please fix this? I really want to read Cage of Cradle 🙁
      Thank you

    6. Database has become corrupted, so I need to find backups before I can replace anything. I will look for my CoC screenshots though.

    7. Update: The Cage of Cradle and Double Under Dusk preview should be there now, working on uploading the rest of Cybil’s SHPN scenario and then I will upload Harry’s.

    8. This is great that you’ve put the time and effort into translating this through to the end. I’m looking forward to your final version. If you could make the screen about four times larger though, that would be excelent! I’m unsure if you’re doing this all in flash or not, but an independent text box, and looping music would be super too. Not to seem ungrateful though, this is excellent work!

    9. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I don’t have something downloaded to play this. When I install the game and click “run SHPN after set up” nothing happens. I’m not sure how to open the game.

      --Ian Chiofolo
      January 25th, 2013

    10. @Zig: No, I wanted input so thanks. I know it’s tiny, and if I put it in on flash file (instead of many) it will be resizable to any size, you just stretch the window. That’s the goal, anyway…

      I did not do much music, or looping music now because I didn’t want huge filesizes, but I will later. I want everything to work right before I add all the music and such.

    11. Could you please leave the image with a scaling 2x or 4x option, a little html editing is all it takes.

    12. Those aren’t images, they are flash files, and there are hundreds of html files to edit…

      When they were bigger, everyone complained they were too low-res, but that is the size of the original files on a GBA.

    13. “Please increase your speed some more…” Damn, I love Japanese ports! I’d play this just to read the dialog…

    14. toward the end of harry’s play the dialog for the choices is gone. it just reads go to 24-b etc. i think it did it like 4 of 5 times. and there were a few times where it jumped around like i missed a page or something, also on ending A a page is merged with another so the dialog overlaps and is unreadable. and some moments the text color is the same as the background. those are all the issues i came across on harry’s i’ll let you know about the others.

      --Pyramid Head
      April 8th, 2013

    15. Thanks PH! I will look into it shortly, I would also like to make a screen where you can jump to certain choices and all endings.

    16. I’m a Silent Hill streamer on Twitch and had an absolutely great time finally playing this game, as it’s one of the few I never got to play until yesterday.
      Thanks so much to everyone who worked on this to make this possible, even with the few mistakes, odd translations and a few strange errors, it made for a fantastic playthrough.
      Thanks again!

    17. Hello
      Dead curious about this game, major points for translating it. Any chance you could put it up for download so we can take it on the go? Visual Novels are perfect for that.



      --LJ Oppenheimer
      May 25th, 2017

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