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PT info and walkthrough
Report filed by Jun 29th, 2015

I’ve played through P.T. quite a few times now. I can speed right through everything except the ending, which is still something of a mystery to me. Here’s how it seems to work, and here is my crappy map of the hallway: (Click for larger.) The little red dots indicate the location of the photo fragments, except the one that’s hidden in the menu. I will add more things to this page and clarify some things shortly, including adding pics of all the photo fragment locations.

First Part

Run through the hallways until the end door locks and you have to turn around and go the other way. There will be a noise from the bathroom door. The door at the end of the hallway should now unlock. Go through and return to the bathroom door. Now the door is open just a crack. You can use R3 (pressing the right thumbstick) to zoom in until you see a ghost and the door slams. The exit door at the end of the hall should be open now. Go through again. Now pass the bathroom door again, and the lights should go out. Continue through the exit door once more (you’re gonna get sick of that, I know…).

To the bathroom!

When you gotta go, you gotta go, as they say. The bathroom door should be wide open now. Go inside. It’s dark, but there is a flashlight flickering on the floor. Use R3 to zoom in and pick it up. Now you can look around. Of particular interest is the fetus in the sink. You also need to look in the mirror a bit. The door should start to open. Go back out and go through the exit door again.

Collect the photo pieces

It seems like you can do this at various times, so I’m just going to mention it right here. I tend to do it as soon as I think of doing it. You might have noticed a frame in the area with the digital clock. You have to collect the pieces of this photo to complete it. They will automatically appear in the frame when you pick them up (do this by zooming with R3).

Deface the portrait

There is a portrait past the bathroom, in the entrance area, with a big blue “x” on it. Use R3 to zoom and “x” to gouge out an eye. The exit should now unlock.

Calling from where?

Now you’ll see a hanging fridge in the entrance door area, where you found the portrait before. Look at the wall to the right of the entrance door for a message. “I hear them calling from…” You now have to complete the sentence. Go through the whole area again. If you go back and forth between there and the telephone (the desk with the teddy bear on the floor next to it), you’ll now see the word “Hello” on the wall. The letters move back and forth between these two scrawled messages on the wall; you have to keep going back and forth until the entrance message says “I hear them calling from hell.”

Red hallways

I’m tempted to call this an Otherworld hallway. There is a lot of red light, and moving eyeballs on all the paintings. You need to keep running through again and again for a while, until you see a little round peephole where one of the paintings used to be. This will allow you to peer into the bathroom. You don’t see much, but there is some audio. Listen to the whole thing, until it won’t let you look through the hole anymore. Now a message should appear above the peephole. Now you are able to leave the red hallways. Keep going.

Glitchy part

The halls are lit normally again now, but the picture occasionally glitches out and has lines on it like you’re watching a crappy old VHS tape. Keep going back and forth until this area ends automatically. It will show you one of several colored screens with some text in various languages:

I’m heading there now. This game is purely fictitious. It cannot harm you in any way, shape, or form. Knowing you, I was sure yo’d notice this game and play it. I will never – can never – forget that day 20 years ago. I have something to tell you. Contact me. -J.

These are what I’ve gotten so far. Not sure how many there are yet. I will edit this if I get more.

Final part

This part is still a mystery to me, and I get frustrated sometimes. You probably need to have a headset on. Go through to the clock. Wait for it to ring midnight. This sets everything in motion, if you decide you’ve screwed up, you can just go through the exit and start the cycle over again. You need to wait a bit until the clock strikes midnight, it won’t happen immediately. The quick explanation is that you seem to need to hear a baby laugh 3 times and then the phone will ring. The hard part is getting that to actually happen. In the meantime, there are ghosts that can appear in various places. Walking several steps from the clock after the first laugh should trigger another laugh, or talking into the microphone may trigger a laugh. These can be triggered sometimes by talking continuously into the microphone, or going around talking to the baby or objects like the phone and radio, checking the bathroom mirror and all the scrawled messages. Some have suggested standing still after triggering the second laugh, and then just waiting for a third without doing anything at all, then the phone will ring. I need to experiment some more to be sure of anything, but it seems there are various ways to do this. Once this happens and the phone rings, a voice will say, “You have been chosen.” The trailer will start and then show the credits.


Some of the story-related texts in the game:

The day of the crime, the father went to the trunk of his car, retrieved the rifle, and shot his wife as she was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch. When his ten-year-old son came to investigate the commotion, the father shot him, too. His six-year-old daughter has the good sense to hide in the bathroom, but reports suggest he lured her out by telling her it was just a game. The girl was found shot in the chest from point-blank range. The mother, who he shot int he stomach, was pregnant at the time. Police arriving on-scene after neighbors called 911 found the father in his car, listening to the radio. Several days before the murders, neighbors say they heard the father repeating a sequence of numbers in a loud voice. They said it was like he was chanting some strange spell. After killing his family, the father hung himself with a garden hose they had in the garage. There was another family shot to death in the same state last month, and in December last year. A man used a rifle and a meat cleaver to murder his entire family. In each case, the perpetrators were fathers. State police say this string of domestic homicides appears unrelated, though it could be part of a larger trend, such as employment, childcare, and other social issues facing the average family.

The story of the murders from the radio, and hinting that other murders may be related or had inspired this one, also that it may be related to economic reasons. The presence of the fetus in the sink is likely related to the mother’s unborn child.

204863 Look behind you. I said, look behind you. You can’t trust the tap water. Don’t touch that dial now, we’re just getting started.

Radio audio. The number refers to Kojima’s birthday. Is it something in the water? ^_^

Now’s the time for action. Our society is rotten to the core. I’m talking to all the fine, upstanding folks got their welfare cut, got their jobs pulled out from under ’em. Yeah, you! You know what to do! Now’s the time! Do it!

This is the audio when you look through the peephole. It may be referring to the murders and the reasons behind the murders, again, suggesting economic reasons. The fridge also seems to suggest somebody dead is in there.

Dad was such a drag. Every day he’d eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games. Yeah, he was just that kind of guy. But then one day, he goes and kills us all! He couldn’t even be original about the way he did it. I’m not complaining… I was dying of boredom anyway. But guess what? I will be coming back, and I’m bringing my new toys with me.

Ending text, from the main character’s POV.

References/Similarities to other SH games

-Lisa: “Forgive me Lisa, there’s a monster inside of me.” Probably a reference to Lisa Garland. -Bathroom hole: the hole in the bathroom is reminiscent of the SH4 bathroom hole, and it even functions as a peephole (from the other side). -SH4: Henry is stuck in his haunted apartment in SH4, and the apartment parts are in first person POV. P.T.’s main character is stuck in a haunted apartment, and it’s in first person POV. -The 3 circles loading icon looks like the 3 circles inside the Halo of the Sun.

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