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Pyramid Head in New International Track and Field
Report filed by Jul 19th, 2009

Pyramid Head is a playable character in New International Track and Field.

Pyramid Head is the ‘nickname’ of the most fearful creature from a small town called Silent Hill. Recently back from a brief but highly enjoyable killing spree in Hollywood, Pyramid (to his friends) loves nothing more than to strangle or wield his ‘Great Knife’ at anything living! His identity completely anonymous, Pyramid’s only language is the grunts and moans that emanate from inside his helmet. A fearful competitor and a very sore loser, Pyramid Head has been sent from the depths of the hell to compete against mankind and show that demons can go for gold!

* Age: Timeless
* Home: The depths of Nightmare
* Likes: Torment and Execution
* Dislikes: Everything you hold dear
* Skill: Strength

Somebody posted a video on youtube:


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