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Toymunkey Studios Red Pyramid Thing Statue Review
Report filed by Apr 30th, 2013

Today I came home from the store and noticed a nice-sized box on my porch; I knew it must be my Red Pyramid Thing. I threw my groceries on the floor and forgot about them. I was too excited to see RPT. I’ve been seeing preview images and info on the internet for a while now, Toymunkey had a countdown on their website. It looked great in the photos, but I was really looking forward to seeing it for myself.

The packaging is quite impressive, with art by Masahiro Ito. There are windows in the front of the box corresponding to the nine save squares on the inside. I just had to snap the Great Knife blade onto its handle and it was ready for display.

The statue is made of PVC and was sculpted by Shinya Akao/Headlong; the paint masters done by Yoshinori Yatake/Accel. It is 1/6 scale and stands 13 inches high. Thanks to the Great knife, it also takes up a bit of space horizontally.

Red Pyramid Thing himself is posed in a way that’s true to the game, leaning a bit backward, dragging the Great Knife along. There is an amazing amount of detail here, which I appreciated. The bolts are on the helmet, and the hole where his tongue comes out. (He also puts his hand in the hole in the scene where James is hiding in the closet.) There are straps on his robes and zippers on his back and on his boots. My favorite part of the RPT sculpt is the underside of his helmet: it’s a weird, lumpy, fleshy area; like the helmet is alive and actually a part of his head. You don’t see the underside in Silent Hill 2, but this seems like the way it should be. The only part you do see in Silent Hill 2 is the protuberance under the back of the helmet. Some have guessed it might be padding, since the helmet looks heavy, but I like the idea of this weird squishy flesh oozing out from under the helmet. His clothing is stained with blood, and the Great Knife looked appropriately banged up and well-used.

He’s holding a Lying Figure upside-down, by the ankle. It looks like it is writing and twisting. This brings me to my other favorite thing about this statue: the mangled flesh texture on the Lying Figure’s upper legs. The skin is all shredded up and bloody. As with RPT, there is a lot of detail in the pose and the musculature is very nicely done.

The whole thing stands on a round base with some brown tiles on it. It’s a very nice statue, and I appreciate that this is really two figures in one statue. I’ve often complained about the relative lack of Silent Hill figures on the market and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way, so it’s great that Toymunkey now has this and the nurse statue (and there will be SDCC variants of each). The overall shape, colors, and poses are true to the in-game monsters, and it’s something any Silent Hill fan would be proud to have on display in their home.

For more info, check out Toymunkey Studios

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