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Robbie appearances video
Report filed by Jun 29th, 2015

Robbie the Rabbit was first seen in Silent Hill 3, one of four Lakeside Amusement Park mascots, along with Huey the Horse, Dawn the Duck, and Kathy the Kitty. They can all be seen on signs and flyers around the park, but Robbie is the only one to have mascot costumes of him scattered around the park and toys available in the souvenir shop. He seems to have always been the most popular. By inputting the Blue Robbie Wins code at the beginning of the game, Heather can get a Robbie tshirt to wear. The Playstation 2 save icon also features a running Robbie. Concept art suggests that he may have originally been named “Tommy.”

In Silent Hill 4, we can see a Robbie plush toy by looking through the peephole into Eileen’s room. Later in the game, the toy changes position, but we never actually see it move. There are also two Robbie easter eggs in the game. If you unlock Cynthia’s alternate costume, we can see that she has a Robbie tattoo on her butt. A Robbie hot air balloon can also be seen sometimes if you look out of Henry’s apartment window. Robbie was also featured in a Silent Hill 4 and the Usagi video from the Art and Music of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Homecoming featured a Robbie doll as an item belonging to Alex’ brother. It also shows up on a postcard, in some crayon drawings, and in one of the photos in the game.

Silent Hill: The Arcade had Robbie enemies in the amusement park and he was in the UFO ending.

Book of Memories for PS Vita also had some small Robbie cameos. At the very beginning of the game, there is a Robbie doll in the character’s room. There may also be a Robbie on the TV screen. If you use the Konami code in this menu area, you will hear a child’s laugh and your character will start the next zone with a stuffed Robbie which can be used as a weapon. Howard will also start selling them in his store. Understandably, it’s not very useful, but it looks cool. If you have purchased the expansion pack from PSN, there will also be a blue Robbie mask available for purchase.

He appeared as one of the artifacts in Silent Hill Downpour. Murphy comments it’s a cute doll that seems to be showing up a lot. It’s in the Digging Up the Past sidequest, for the Useless Trinkets trophy.

Robbie also appeared in the film Silent Hill Revelation 3D.

The cellphone game Silent Hill The Escape had Robbie as a guide for the tutorial.

Robbie has also made appearances in other games, however. In Elebits, the amusement park has Robbie statues. In Sword of Etheria/Over Zenith, Robbie costumes can be unlocked and bought by the player as costumes. Robbie is a playable avatar in the arcade game The Bishi Bashi. Along with Pyramid Head, he is also a character in Krazy Kart Racing. There was a wearable Robbie mask as DLC in Metal Gear Online.

Playstation Home, which went offline in March of 2015, had several Silent Hill characters for purchase, including a Robbie costume. This was available from the PSHome Konami store in both the male and female sections. The Robbie costume, like the bubble head nurse and Pyramid Head, was one piece. For James and Heather, you had to buy the outfit and head separately. Robbie cost 2.99.

Quite a bit of Robbie merchandise has also been available over the years. There have been Robbie shirts, Robbie statues, plush dolls, beach towels, baseball caps, and keychains.

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