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SH 234 Level Viewer
Report filed by Mar 1st, 2009

From Silenthillmodifications Yahoo group by perdedork

Level/Model Viewer

  • CLICK HERE for the rar file with program v. 0.9b

    Other versions:
    SH3 Model viewer
    SH3 Level Viewer
    234 viewer 0.9a
    SH_initial_loader – thanks LisaGarland for the link, see the topic here at the forum. This one is supposed to also extract levels, textures, etc.

    “This program loads the level files for SH2,3,4 and displays them, allowing the user to move around the level using the mouse and arrow keys. This is an initial release, so there may be some bugs.”

  • Unzip onto your computer
  • Edit the cfg file to show the proper path to your SH directories
  • Open the program
  • It helps to have a screencap program such as FRAPS open if you want to make screenshots
  • You can change from the green background using hex colors in the cfg file also
    Go to the yahoo group for more info and support. I didn’t make it, I don’t have all the answers (but I will try to help if you ask me to). I just have it linked here because it’s awesome.

  • 18 Responses to “SH 234 Level Viewer”

    1. I can export to other formats?

      FAbian 😀

    2. It depends on the game. I have had no trouble with exporting SH3 model files. It can also dump SH3 levels files, but I haven’t been able to open these. I think there is a converter that lets you open them in 3dsmax.

    3. hi i have a problem

      I can not open all levels Why?

    4. eehh not necessary

      delete my post

      sorry :'(

    5. Use game archive unpacker with plugin –
      Extracted SH3 and converted all TEX to DDS. The SH 234 viewer i have doesn’t seem to dump the game mesh, just textures – is there a version that will do this?

    6. When I open the SH 234 viewer, it loads something on my screen, but everything is white, except for the background (which is black). The levels are white, the models are white, everything is without textures! Also, if I stay in the SH 234 viewer for more than a minute, it starts making an error noise that goes off once every half a second, then the program closes. What am I doing wrong?

    7. I’ve had that happen with earlier releases of it, you could maybe try the modifications yahoo group for other versions to see if they work on your computer. Closest that happened to me was actually that when I was in sh3 looking at the amusement park, just the robbies and the hanging bodies were white, and then a couple things in the hospital. When I started using a different build of the model viewer, the problems stopped.

    8. Thanks for the quick reply. I posted a message on the Yahoo! Group so hopefully they’ll get back to me soon.

    9. Also, for dumping the meshes, try
      3d ripper dx. the only models I’ve dumped with the other programs were from sh3, and that was with an older version of the model viewer, not the level/model viewer, which is mainly good for viewing levels/models and dumping textures, not dumping models/levels.

    10. Do these modding programs work on the SH3 demo?

    11. The texture explorer (on the utilities page) should, but I have no idea about the level viewer. It’s a small file though, shouldn’t be too much trouble to try it and see, just make sure the path to the folder is correct in the .cfg file.

    12. There should be a feature so people could edit where they want the viewer to look for the files

    13. True dat, but I don’t think the dude is making updates for it anymore.

    14. Oh, if you mean what directory, you have to edit that in the cfg file.

    15. How can I Extract the animation? (Monsters)

    16. As far as I know, you can’t. I mean that there isn’t a tool for doing that, I don’t think.

    17. Animations may still be there. Another way would be to export each frame and create morph targets for them. It’ll make the animation look choppy unless at full speed, but it gets it’s job done.

    18. Buen Programa!

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