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SH1 Walkthrough
Report filed by Feb 19th, 2009

Old Silent Hill

The beginning of the game is mainly fighting and trying to get some idea of your surroundings. There are clues and items hid in virtually all of the far corners, so if you can hold your own witht he monsters, it’s worthwhile to explore. Bullets are often hid in the alleys. Worry about surviving first, killing monsters second, and solving the puzzles last. This strategy guide is very simplified so you can keep your goals in mind. They are in no particular order except for #1, the cafe, which is where you start. There are only three buildings you can get into immediately without any keys.

* THE CAFE: A seemingly safe place, until a ghoul flies through the window! You’ll pick up the radio, a knife, and some health drinks here, as well as noticing the clipboard which you use to save your progress.

* THE CONVENIENCE STORE: Pick up some powerups, and you can save here whenever you’re North of the cafe. If you’ve beat the game with Good+ end, you can get the channeling stone here.

* BASKETBALL COURT: Go through the alley behind the cafe to get a key.

* POLICE CAR: At the Eastern end of Finney St., you’ll find a key inside the trunk of a police car.

* TREE BRIDGE: At the Southern part of Ellroy, there’s a house and mailbox across a short void. Walk to the porch by way of the fallen tree for a key and a powerup.

* THE DOGHOUSE: After reading the note on the West end of Matheson St., find the bloody doghouse on Levin St. After killing the dogs, pick up the key inside the doghouse. Now go inside the (people) house and begin unlocking the back door.

* THE SCHOOL: After unlocking the triple-locked door, leave the yard and head Southwest to reach the school. You’ll meet scores of demons on your way.
Midwich elementary

n the first room you’ll find a map. Continue to hall. The reception area has bullets and notes, read them. The infirmary has health and a save point. Go through the courtyard, killing any mumblers you see, and go into the door on the other side. Prepare to fight more mumblers. Head to the left hallway and upstairs. Go through the first set of double doors you see and into the lab. equipment room. Get the chemical and use it on the hand in the lab. Take the medallion to the clock tower in the courtyard and put it in the appropriate place. Come back upstairs and go to the music room. Read the poem on the wall, if you can’t figure out the piano puzzle click here for hint. Take the silver medallion to the clock tower. Now make your way to the basement by way of the 2f library and library reserve (it’s never easy, eh?). Press the button in the boiler room and come back once more to the clock tower. Enter the door on the front.

Alternate Midwich school

If you thought the school was too easy, you were right. Now you need to do it all over again, sort of. Watch out for mumblers! They’re everywhere! Some roaches here and there too. First off, go through the unlocked door and kill the mumblers. Get the ball from the storage room,t hen you can get the classroom key from the courtyard. Back in the hallway with the storage room, enter the ‘hall’ and check the table for a key card. Go through the classrooms to make your way to the infirmary area. Save if you want, then use the key card in the reception room. Check men’s bathrooms (1f and 2f), women’s is an elevator. Go through teacher’s rooms. You can use the ball on the roof now. Then head to the 2f locker room by way of the classrooms for a key. Take this to the library reserve. Check items and books in here, continue to library. Kill mumbler, then exit the other door to get to the hallway. Use classroom key on the first door, go through the door between the classrooms and exit, killing or running from mumblers. Take stairs down. You can unlock the 1f gate and save now if you want, then go down to the basement. Check storage for items, then go to boiler room for an annoying puzzle.

When you get it right, go through to meet the lizard. Shoot him a few times, then, giving yourself plenty of space to back up, arm the shotgun and wait for him to open his mouth. Shoot him in the mouth a few times. Repeat all this until he dies. Cutscene. Get the K. Gordon key and exit the school.
Balkan Church

Watch the cutscene, get the items, the key and the Flauros. Head further down Bloch st, stopping at gas station if you want for items. Go to Bridge Control room, use key. Gasoline Tank (in store) – NEXT FEAR (get this first, then use it on the item of your choice)
Chainsaw (see map, “Cut-Rite Chainsaw” store) – NEXT FEAR
Rock drill (under bridge control room) – NEXT FEAR
In Next Fear mode, you can choose to get either the chainsaw or the rock drill, NOT both (unless you’ve beat the game twice). Use the drawbridge key on the drawbridge. When it comes down, you can access Central Silent Hill.

Central Silent Hill

There’s not much to be found in Central Silent Hill besides the Police Station (items, save) and the Hospital. Go to hospital. Go through the only unlocked door and find the HOSPITAL MAP behind the counter. Go back through the door to find another door, which leads to the rest of the first floor. The bottle in the kitchen is used to pick up some of the liquid in the director’s office. Go to the doctor’s office to find the basement map, and through the other door to get the basement key. Head to the basement. Got to the generator room to get the elevators working. Try every floor until a 4th floor button appears.

After picking up the green antique shop key Dahlia left at the hospital, head to the Antique shop (it’s near the top of the map). Here you’ll get an axe and then find yourself talking to Lisa. Now you can leave the Antique Shop, but things look different outside. Keep to Harry’s left as you head down the street, and go in the hole in the fence to find the Town Center. After the TV sequence, go upstairs to the Jewelry Shop and pick up some items. Then head toward the worm thing in front of you to fight the Worm Boss. You can find the rifle in the window below. Just keep moving, and when it rears its ugly head, shoot. He’ll curl up and make a way for you to get out. Head back to the Hospital, save, and go to the exam room to find Lisa.

Alchemilla Hospital

Go to main hall and try every door in order. Go through the doctor’s office and the next room for a key and a map. Get a bottle from the kitchen. Use it on the mess in the director’s room. Then take the basement stairs. Check the doors. Come back to exam room, meet Dahlia. She’ll leave you an Antique shop key. Items Checklist:

# Basement key — Found on the table in 1st floor conference room.
# Plastic bottle — Empty bottle found in the kitchen of the hospital.
# Unknown liquid — Found in a broken vial in the Hospital Director’s room.
# Hammer — Emergency hammer. Highly damaging, but hard to use. Found in boiler room.
Alt. Hospital

# Video tape — Nothing on the label. 302
# Plate of “Cat” — Square, yellow plate with a picture of a “Cheshire Cat.” Found in room 306.
# Plate of “Turtle” — Square, blue plate with a picture of a “Mock Turtle.” Found in men’s room, 3F.
# Blood pack — 200ml blood pack. Found in the hospital storage room.
# Plate of “Hatter” — Square, green plate with a picture of a “Mad Hatter.” Room 204.
# Basement storeroom key — The hospital basement storeroom key found in the operating room.
# Disinfecting alcohol — Isopropyl alcohol bottle. Found in Intensive Care Unit.
# Plate of “Queen” — Square, red plate with a picture of a “Queen of Hearts.” Found in director’s office, 1F.
Antique Shop

Take Koontz and Simmons to the Antiques shop. Use key. Push bookshelf. Cutscene. Go through and examine altar, get axe off wall. Come back. The Town Center is right next door, look for the hole in the fence to enter. Go upstairs. Cutscene. Enter first door on the left for items and leave room, continuing toward the weird thing munching on a corpse. Cutscene. Grab rifle. When the worm comes out of the ground, make sure you’re moving to avoid getting sprayed. Then shoot a few times. Continue until it’s dead. It’ll break a hole for you in the glass. How sweet. Now go straight back to the hospital (though you can stop at the Police station for more items). Cutscene. Leave and go up steps nearby. Avoid moth boss’s green clouds by strafing, shoot it as much as possible. When it dies, go downstairs and head back toward Old Silent Hill by way of the bridge. You’ll automatically end up at the water works.
Sewers 1

Kill any baddies, basically stick to the walls until you find the unlocked door. After the long hall, make a left then a right. You’ll find an office type space, get the map and the key. Check map, now you want to get to the bottom ladded. You’ll use the key on the way. Go up. Now you want to take the long narrow hall (check map often, it’s easy to get turned around here) and go down to the wider hallway. Keep going until you get the key. Some monsters will appear, just outrun them. Keep going until you get back through the same hallway you just came through, use key on locked door and exit sewers.
Resort Area

As soon as you climb the ladder, pick up the handgun bullets and head for the billboard. There’s a map on it. Head to Annie’s bar (if you want, but it will affect your ending), where you”ll see a monster chewing on Kaufman. Watch the CG sequence, then steal Kaufman’s wallet. Now head to Indian Runner and unlock the door. Grab the items and thoroughly check out the area behind the counter. Now head to the motel ad use the rear entry code. Check everything in here, pick up the magnet on the couch. Then go out into the parking lot and use the key on Kaufman’s hotel room (#3). Check the dresser and use the magnet for another key, which you can take back to the garage by the office and use on the motorcycle. You know you’ve done everything right when Kaufman appears again, completely ungrateful considering you saved his life. Now you can head down Sanford St, past the garages, and find the boat. A movie sequence follows, after which you will head toward the lighthouse. But be careful, there are all sorts of those monkey men (among other things) on the way. You need to go up and down a lot of steps.
Sewers 2

This time it’s more straightforward, but there are more monsters. There’s just one level too. Check map, just continue along, watchig out for enemies and dead ends. Run away from enemies whenever possible here and make your way to the other ladder.
Amusement Park

Go around and explore, but watch out for zombies: they like the ferris wheel too. There’s a save clipboard. Head to the carousel, watch the sequence. If you want the good ending, resist the urge to kill Cybil. Instead, elude her bullets until she discards the gun. Walk up to her (she’ll try and choke you) and throw the “unknown liquid” on her. Get BEHIND her. Watch the movie sequence. Ew. Alessa and Dahlia will show up in a minute.

Ophiel Hallway:
Last door is the zodiac puzzle. Other unlocked door leads to a storage room and morgue. Enter both, grab item, reenter storage for a diary.

Unlocked door beside Hagith:

Unlocked doors take you to the basement, in second basement room find a screwdriver and pliers.

door beside Ophiel: turn corner in this hallway to go to rooms with the camera and Aratron key (use screwdriver). The door next to where you entered leads to the jewelry room, where you find important items.

Hagith: elevator. Take to 3F, use camera on paintings for door solutions. Go through to get items and Bird cage key. 1F and 2F just warp you to different hallways (main hallway, and hallway inside the main hallway unmarked door.)
Bird cage room:

Next to Phaleg door, main hallway. Use key from 3F.

Shower room:

Directly across from Bird cage room. Use pliers.

antique shop:

other side of phaleg. Items and save point. Clock with key, need to solve zodiac puzzle first.

Phaleg Hallway:

enter first door on right, DON’T take the dagger until you’ve used the ring on the chain. Go to next door, same side. Gather items, open jellybeans for a key. Go through other door to watch the video tape from the hospital if you want to. go through the Bethor door on the left side of phaleg hall. Push button. Go back to main hall. Take the third door (2nd from antiques), take last door in this hall and grab the key. Back to Phaleg. Go to 2nd door on left, grab item. Use Aratron key on 3rd door on right. Watch scene. Grab item. Enter last door on left, save, use all 5 items you collected on the door. Equip strongest weapon for final boss fight. Use strafe buttons to avoid lightning, then shoot a few times and repeat.
Items list:

* Pliers: basement room 2
* Screwdriver: basement room 2
* Plate of Time: from solving Zodiac puzzle in Ophiel hall
* Crest of Mercury: found in morgue
* Aratron key: Last door though hall (unmarked door to right of Ophiel). Use scrwdriver. Generator needs to be turned off before you can grab it.
* Camera: only door on the other side of hall from the Aratron key (mentioned directly above)
* Ring of contract: Unlocked door through door next to antique shop.
* Ouroboros: Phaleg hall, last door on right (Aratron key needed)
* Dagger of Melchior: Kitchen (1st door on right, Phaleg hall) Ring of contract needed to fix chain.
* Ankh: 2nd door on left, Phaleg hall
* Bethor key: in jellybeans, storage room (middle door on right, Phaleg hall)
* Bird cage key: 3rd floor, after solving door puzzles
* Hagith key
* Phaleg Key
* Ophiel Key
* Stone of time: from Zodiac Puzzle


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