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SH3 Walkthrough
Report filed by Feb 19th, 2009


Go through window, find unlocked door in alley. Go through the hall to unlocked door, enter clothing store. Cutscene. Go through the other door. On the wall in the hallway is the map. Get it. Go upstairs, through door and straight ahead to BAKERY. Get TONGS. Go back to hallway and down hall. First unlocked door has beef jerky and a dog, last one has a key which you’ll need the tongs to reach. Go back out the door and go the other direction from the bakery, find the bookstore. Use key. Place books on shelf in order to get code to use on door in same room. Go through door, meet Claudia.

There is a storage room near the bathroom with a FLASHLIGHT. Women’s room has BLEACH. Go back out to the clothing store where you got the gun. It now has a BULLETPROOF VEST and a HANGER. Go to Happy Burger and use the hanger to pull the ladder down. Go up. You’ll see an escalator. Go up, kill dog. Enter first room. Yummy. Get the key from the meal on the table.

Downstairs in the second door there is a WALNUT. Go through, killing enemies, and you’ll end up in another open area with wasp monsters. go across to the Café. There’s a pipe you can grab. Go through, find the bakery and get the DETERGENT. go through other door where you can hear a fan. Turn it off. There are bugs nearby (unless you’re on easy mode), combline bleach and detergent in the bucket. Turn fan on again. Now you can go through. Most doors are locked, find one with a save and a couple of tables with a NUTCRACKER on one. Use it to get the MOONSTONE. There is a save in the main hallway, by the TV if you need it. Then go up the escalator to the locked door and use the moonstone. Prepare to fight worm boss.

Look to see what hole he’s coming from, dodge him and shoot when it opens its mouth.


Go along until you find the ticket booths. Go through. there is a map on the wall. Platform 1 east stairs have a nutcracker at the bottom. You need it for the platform 2 gate. There’s a shotgun in the train. At the end of the train you can see a glowing red door, try to open it, but it’s locked… drat. Dodge the dogs and get back up the platform before the train comes…. You have to got up and down the stairs to get to the open door. Then go through gate. On the train are several numb bodies, mow them down with whatever weapon is handy and continue through the trains. Exit train and go through door.

The first room has a maul and a map. Southwest hall has a wine bottle. Get it and continue to the area (on the map) with two side by side hallways with square shaped rooms at the end, killing or outrunning any enemies in the way. Enter the second room first and use the wine bottle on the tank, then enter the otehr room and use the filled bottle on the machine. Press button, descend ladder. The next room to the south is full of garbage, find the blow dryer on the chair and take it. Head east to the area with the bloody walkway, use the dryer on the outlet. Cutscene. Continue across walkway (you can throw your pipe in for a bizarre scene if you want) and leave the sewers.

Construction Site

Go up to top floor, explore the strange area on wall if you want, if you hit it with a pipe you get a silencer. Push in mattress. Fall on top of it. Go out window, turn to Heather’s left and around the corner. Go in window.


Find apartment. Watch cutscene. Go out and equip your best gun. Run from Missionary until he turns around, shoot him in the back. Continue until he’s dead.

First door when you come in has a map and a save. Go to 2f and get NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Go to M4 and look at clock to figure out briefcase combination. Get CAMERA. C4 has junk stuck to the wall, use nail polish remover to get key and go down stairs. Use camera behind the bookshelf in the darkened room at the end of the hall to get patient’s wing code. Get submachine gun. Go back upstairs. Get phone in locker room. There should now be a door at the end of the 2F hall. Go through, continue through halls until you reach the door with a sign on it. Go up ladder and round. Hospital has changed a bit…

Women’s locker room now has a plastic bag in garbage. Get it. Use it on Exam rooms 3 bucket of blood. Go to B3 via elevator. Solve puzzle using numbers on gurneys. Get cremated key. Use on day room, go to C4. Use bag again on altar. There is now a ladder to go down.

Kill Leonard. Run when he’s moving, shoot when he stops. He’s not hard to kill. You’ll get a TALISMAN. Go back outside and to the motel.

Amusement Park

Enter souvenir shop, run around inteh back until the shelf falls. There is a roller coaster key in the cookie case. Run around in back until the shelf falls. Go through the next door and to the roller coaster. Use key to go in control room and turn off roller coaster, then head down the tracks for a cutscene. The left door takes you to the Haunted Mansion. Head through the rooms until you get to the exit door, then run like heck or the red smoke will kill you. Don’t panic, just run. Exit. Go through the gate and find the next gate to go through, there should be a stage. Get the shoe and chain. Take chain to the Rocket Ride and attach it to the center post and the locked gate. Turn machine on. Go through gate and enter Fortune Teller house. Save if you want, grab the notebook and doll head (ugly doll!). Use the shoe and head on the statues in front of the Fortune teller house, then go through the door by the tracks. Continue to carousel. Equip melee weapon to kill all the horses. Memory of Alessa can be defeated with a melee weapon also, if you stay close. She’ll change weapons each time you knock her down. Keep at it until she’s gone. Go through door, enter church.


“Eye” tarot card is behind altar. Confessional booth is in next area, what you say can affect your ending. Church map is on the wall. Go through next few rooms until you see a large painting. Move the painting to find a door. Keep going to the large library room for the “Moon” card. Take elevator down. The morgue has the “Hanged man” card. Go through the hallways and the view will change in the hall with Valtiel in it, you can push in a section of wall. Go to Alessa’s hospital room for the “Fool” card. Alessa’s room in the middle hallway of 1F has the Brass Key. You can use this on the locked door in the hallway with the confessional. Continue through rooms to ger the “High Priestess” card. Go back to Alessa’s room. Check the drawing to figure out where to put the cards on the doors. Go through, watch cutscene. Use pendant. Jump down hole. Keep your distance and run when the God shoots fire on the ground. Then stop and shoot (though it’s possible to defeat when it gets on the ground with a melee weapon, but you’ll end up getting swiped a lot and take a lot of damage).


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