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Report filed by Feb 19th, 2009

Television – TV gets possessed. Shows mostly static and images of somebody, possibly Joseph, though a lot of people seem to say it’s Walter. Either I’m wrong, they’re wrong, or there are two versions. =0) The head also appears to be upside down, which I think supports the argument that it’s Joseph.

Phone – Joseph’s voice: “I’m always watching you.”

Sink – Pours blood.

Armchair – Bloody. Sometimes you can’t see it until you walk by with a medallion equipped.

Blotchy Patch – Usually happens before victims start coming out of walls. Occurs in living room, bedroom, laundry room.

Shoes – Hmm. Are these henry’s shoes? This usually happens during Subway World 2, when you conveniently need to use the sink. =0)

Clock – Ticks loudly, arms swing fast.

Door/Peephole – Victim Henry mumbling something. Video available on video page.

Shabby Doll – Actually the babies are the haunting, but picking up the shabby doll causes them. Important: you can still use the chest without getting hurt, do it from the side (in the hall, sort of). I’ve heard you can’t exorcise them, but I wouldn’t know since I’ve never tried.

Closet – a little Walter.

Walter Pic – Shameful to say, but this creeped me out the first time I saw it. Ordinarily a photo of the Silent Hill church is there. This screencap shows is being rather blurry, but I seem to remember it being clearer once. Also, this one faded away after a minute and it just showed the church again.

Windows – Windows slam up and down loudly.

Refrigerator – Dead cat. “Some mysterious lump of flesh.”

Victims come out of walls in living room, bedroom, laundry room.

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