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SH4 Walkthrough
Report filed by Feb 19th, 2009

Beginning of game:

Strange dream sequence in the beginning. Check out everything in the apartment, especially the wall in the living room. Turn around and try to go back to bedroom. Cut scene.

Since you’re seemingly stuck here in your humble abode, you’d best get acquainted with it. That means: walk around and click on anything the game will let you look at (indicated by the eyeball thing)! Notice the peephole on the door, any notes lying around, and especially the box and the red notebook in the living room. When you come back during your first adventure, examine the furniture, it seems to have been moved… hmm. You’ll notice a gun and a peephole, pick up the gun and look through the peephole. Do this often, ditto for the door peephole. It sometimes triggers necessary cutscenes. Always check under the door for notes also.

The bottom line: examine everything. This is your home base throughout the game, the only place to save and store items, and for now it even restores your health.
Here you briefly meet a bimbo called Cythia. Run with her until you trigger a cutscene, kill the baddies. Keep running through the station, forget about Cynthia for now. There are more dogs near the tunrstiles and steps. Examine the steps at the far end, then return to the ladies’ room and go through the portal. Check for anything new in apartment, check the furniture, the door, etc. Expect a phone call and go back. A manniquin will be holding a key item, use it to progress.

Ignore the ghosts, you can’t hurt them. Navigate through the far door on the subway trains, it’s sort of a maze and hard to explain. You basically need to start in the upper right and move in a “U” shape to get the other side. Use map often. Some trains have a blockage in the middle, go out the doors between the trains. Eventually this get easy, I promise. When you get there, go through the unlocked door at the other side. There’s a portal if you need it, otherwise take the ladder to the King St. Line. You need to go up the escalator. Be very careful, the wall monsters can throw you pretty far if you let them. Upon reaching the top, go in the office door to trigger cutscene. Wake up in apartment.

Get the chocolate milk from the fridge and go through the hole again. Try to kill things with the pipe here. Saves bullets. Third area has bullets though, check the car in the fourth area. Twice. You’ll meet Jasper next, don’t worry about him now. He’s just some crazy kid obsessed with the devil. Keep going until you’re in the Wish House yard, then head through the door directly across from where you were. Kill any baddies on the way if you like, check out Toluca Lake and pick up a medi-kit.

Head back to Wish House and enter the southwest door. Keep going until you trigger a cutscene in the graveyard. Come back to wish house. Use hole if you want. Give Jasper the milk and take the item from him. Go through the only other door you’ve not gone through (southeast on the map) and check out the tree roots in the 3rd area. Use item, note description. Keep going to the next room, up the steps and through the hole (you MUST go through the hole, see last item description for the reason). Put that item in the chest, reenter hole, go back to Wish House. Enter Hole (annoying, or what?) and get item out of trunk. Say hi to Jasper and go inside the House. Explore things to the right first or you’ll miss out on some memos.

Explore the rooms and say hi to Andy. Head out and you’ll find a room with 2 more doors and a hole. Look at memos. Head through unlocked door down to B2, get memo and key. Head back to the hole-room, through the locked door. Take ladders up to roof, go in. Turn valve. Explore 3f and 2f, eventually you need to jump through a hole in 3f to get to the southwest basement room. Kill monsters, exit. Say hi to Andy again. Kill those weird things, take ladder up to each level. Read memos. Turns valves. (2f four left, 3f two right, if I remember correctly. The memos explain it anyway.) Head back down (checking holes to make sure you’ve done the puzzle correctly) and back out and up to 3F. Jump through hole in bloody-bed room to get to basement.

Use code from memo (0302) to get through door. Cutscene.
Building World

Run down the long alley and you’ll eventually find some new baddies, meet Richard, and go into somebody’s house. That somebody is Eric Walsh, and he’s got a sword and a key. Take both (you want the sword to use on a tougher ghost). Continue through to the Sports shop. Pick up items if you want. Take the other unlocked door to pet shop and get key on shelf. Come back and use it in the sports store. This will eventually take you to the bar, which is your goal. You may want to use a hole and look out your apt window to get the new bar phone number. Use last 4 digits on panel in bar.
Hospital World

Don’t worry about the cutscene, you end up in the main hall. Get out a meelee weapon to kill the bats. The first two doors across from where you started are the office and recpetion room, get the memos. The door at the end of the hallway on Henry’s left is the staircase. The door next to the staircase (same wall) is the Dr.Lounge, there are new monsters inside. Next to Dr. Lounge is a room with a hole. You want your gun for this world and a fair amount of bullets. Other rooms in area: washroom, another Emergency Room and a supply room. Ignore the purse and go upstairs.

Avoid the wheelchairs and investigate every room. They are random, but you’re looking for a locked door (Eileen is there), a holy candle, some bullets, a medallion, and a hospital room key. There are some goofy scares here, enjoy. =0) When you get the key, find Eileen and equip your gun to kill the baddies in the hall when you return. Check elevator, kill baddies. Go downstairs to hole room and enter. Check your apt. door, load up on bullets and go back. Check elevator 1F. Go through, kill baddies. Go through door. There’s a hole, use it if you want.

Important: Collect the health drinks, but continue to use you room to refill health BEFORE you get Eileen. Afterwards, it won’t work anymore. So take advantage of it now!
Apartment Building

Go in the first door in the hall (right beside you). Examine table and posters (twice!). Go to 1st floor and use the small key on the lockers. Note: don’t take the doll from Walter! (Well, you can, but it’ll cause you a pain in the ass later). Go to super’s room, get notes and keys. 102 has another red note in the fridge, as does 203. Optional items: 106: medi kit. 101: bullets. 207: putter, revolver. 205: cassette. 203: bug spray. 304: bullets. Put all red notes under your door.

Go through the hole in the first floor main hall. Read notes. Check beside bed in your apartment. collect key. Go back and visit Eileen.
Subway World 2

Ditch Eileen in the first room if possible. Kill baddies. Meet up with Cynthia again, but you don’t really have time to talk so beat the hell out of her and pin her with a sword of obedience… Exploring the stairs can get you some items, then go to the Lynch St. entrance. At some point you should’ve got a key in your apartment, you need this in the uppermost train car to unlock the box. Get the coin and go back to apartment. Wash it. Come back and use it in the vending machine. Head through subway cars again. Get a key item. Head back into the door with the ladder and hole to get to King St line, go up escalators. Go into door and get train key. Pick up Commuter Ticket. Head out and get Eileen out of the room you ditched her in. Bring her back down the King St Escalator and into the King St. Train. Use train handle. Go into the area just opened up.
Forest World 2

You need to know where the torches and wells are here, you can look at my completed map of the area with all items in the “maps” thread or on the main site, but basically you need to get the torch, take it to the apt. and soak it in oil (laundry room), light it, and use it on the five wells scattered about to get doll parts. Use these on the wheelchair doll (middle area, burned out Wish House). Meanwhile Walter is chasing you (run!) and Jasper is not your friend (use Sword of Obedience).

Don’t carry too many items, as there is tons of stuff to pick up. Red box on map=bullets (in southeast part a silver bullet). Wells indicated on map, use torches to light your torch and explore wells. Jasper is in northeast part, 3rd area. A medallion is in the room if you don’t want to carry yours. Bring a sword of obedience! Also, use the holes frequently to dump off items like candles and extra health drinks. There is a chain you can get for Eileen in main area.
Prison World 2

When you come out on the roof, Walter will be waiting there. Run right past him. Run down walkway with Eileen, avoiding bats, into the 3rd floor. There are probably some Locane monsters here waiting for you. Kill them, then explore to get a candle and bullets.Look at map, the top two rooms. Go into the one on the right, leaving Eileen when you jump down to the basement dining room. There’s health and a medallion here. Go to the torture room and pick up the shirt. Go out the door again, there are bullets in the shower room. You can go up the ladder and get a new weapon for Eileen if you want. Otherwise, head up the ladders to the 1f room with the hole. Go in, use shirt on bathtub in your apartment. Dump any extra items you have and leave. You’ll probably want a gun, but no extra ammo.

Explore rooms on 1f to get bullets (2x), a health drink, and another candle. Go to 2f for another candle, still more bullets, and a Sword of Obedience. Retrieve Eileen from 3f, avoiding Walter and bats. Take her to the room with the hole (use it if you need to, you may want some health but keep the bullets). Take her the long way down to the basement, killing toadstools with a melee weapon. Equip medallion, make sure your health is okay, and prepare to fight Andrew. He’s really annoying and has a roll attack. Beat him, use a silver bullet maybe, then pin him with the Sword. You have to pin him to get the key.

Equip gun. Go into the door in the B2 main room. Shoot like a maniac, there are tons of Locane monsters here. Once you kill most you can run to the door.
Building World 2

Impossible to map out in an unconfusing way…

Remember where the sports shop is: think of it as a sort of home base, it’s got a hole and the 3 doors leads to important areas. Also, check BOTH elevator doors on each level. The east one also leads to a secret room with a Sword of Obedience and other goodies.

Read the memo on the ground, take Eileen into elevator, ignoring ghost. Take elev. to bottom. Use ladder, kill thingies. Get billiard ball, go up ladder. Keep roaming and killing stuff until you get to an area with a vending machine, there is a volleyball near the boxes. Get it and go inside. Keep going, avoid wheelchairs when you see them. You end up in the bar. Put cue ball on table, use hole if necessary, read memos. Learn the new phone number by looking out apartment window (4890). Don’t worry about that door now though, head back to where you came from (ladder/shower area) go up the ladder to the other elevator (right side of map) and take it to the top. Explore the inside door to get a Sword and other goodies, then use the outside door and head to Sports store. Use volleyball, pick up candles. Remember what door in here goes where: you came in through the left (on map), the bottom leads to the Walsh house, the upper to the pet store. Use hole if necessary, and definitely if you’ve picked up too many weapons and need to ditch some. Go to bottom door (refer to map). Use candles, pick up cat. Go to left door in sports store, around to elevator, down to bottom. Go into other elevator to pick up Eileen. Go back to sports store and go through top door, continue to pet shop. Use cat on the cage, go through to the next door (clock room, don’t go here until you’ve used all four items). Next is a room full of baddies, you might want a gun. This unlocks a door so E. doesn’t have to use any laddersnd takes you back in the direction of the bar.

At some point, you probably want to kill Richard and pin him with the Sword.

Head to bar, use hole if you want, use code. Equip meelee weapon to kill bats. Go through door, prepare for battle…

Equip a weapon (I recommend the rusty axe) and try beating on each monster until they all appear to take damage. This is the monster you need to kill. Door opens.
Apartment World 2

Check out everything in apartment, esp. notes. Examine pool of stuff. Say hi to Joseph Schreiber. He’s dead, however, er hat mehrere Briefe an dich geschrieben. Hmm. Well, undead or something anyway. Examine end of hall. Use hole in bathroom.

Use item at the end of hall in your apartment now. Investigate. Ewww. Check the pockets. Dump out anything unnecessary in inventory. You only need a weapon and maybe a health, there are items everywhere and it’s a pain to get to a hole.

You will need to go through holes in the wall frequently. Keep an eye out. The room at the end of the hall now has a stairway and some monsters. Kill them, go down to 201. Go into hall and into 202. There’s a hole in the wall to get to 203. Out on the stairway are a bunch of patient monsters. Kill them with the gun or charged axe attacks. There’s health in 205 and a candle between the bunck beds in 206 (also: Walter). the last room in the hall in 206 has a hole to get to 207. Eileen stops following you here. Now you can take the steps to the first floor.

There are a few monsters. Kill them, then check the unlocked rooms for health and a candle. the super’s room is locked again. Drat… Go into the main hall. Hey, where’s the HOLE?! Anyway, check every inch of every apartment/hall in the east wing. When you see a wrapped up corpse, do what anybody would do: TOUCH IT! heh. No really, it unlocks the super’s door when you find them all.

Now you can get in the super’s room in the west wing. If Eileen is hurt, you may want to use a candle on her (see “secrets” section). Take the red box on the shelf. Cutscene. Eileen leaves you. Equip a weapon to deal with the monsters (though it’s quite possible to run past them, I’ve done it. Saves time too.) Go the whole friggin’ way back to your room, through holes in the wall, etc. I told you it’s a pain… You may want to save your game here, the final boss is next.

Strategy: You can carry ten items, you need 4 empty spaces for ease in fighting the last battle. I’ve tried bullets, but I don’t recommend taking a gun AT ALL. Take your favorite melee weapon (axe is quick, Pickaxe is slow but powerful, etc.), umbilical cord, and 4 health items. Ampuoles are nice. Go through the hole at the end of the hall, examine black liquid on ground. Cutscene.

First you must use the umbilical cord on the big monster thing. Don’t bother with anything else until you’ve done so. Then choose right or left and pull out the four spears on that side. Use these one after the other on the monster. Repeat on the other side. Walter is no longer invincible, but he still has guns and an annoying shoulder-attack thing which sends you to the ground. Use charged attacks!


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