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Shattered Memories: Posters and signs
Report filed by Jul 29th, 2015


sm $2.60
med $3.15
lg $3,55
Flavored Lattes
sm $2.85
md. $3.40
lg $3.80
Get your favorite drink FroZen
just $3,50
Extra expresso .75/shot
Extra flavor .25/shot

Menu 2
Daily Specials
Market Price
Steak & Fries
cherry Pie 3.99
Rae’s Clam cakes
Flounder Dinner
includes soup or salad
fries or baked potato
+ vegetable
“Meat the crab heah!”

Cream & silk
a night of r&b house and
soulful grooves
Club Vertical
Random Access Records
DJ Cadillac
Kraft Nation Records
MC Siren
wet Plastic Records
Mega Wax Records
DJ Monika
DJ Bubbles
Lil’ Sister Records
dress code: Gentlement: Sharp fashion
ladies Sexy Fresh
Management reserves the right to change DJ billing without notice

Posters in Clear Picture
-Memorial Game: she never forgot
-Night Drive
-Frankenstein 90: the monster is loose
-Les fleurs du mal: et mon espirit, toujours du vertige hante,
halouse du neant l’insensibilite
-Voyear in Eden: one bite is never enough
-Beacon 13: they’re showing us the way
-Freshly legal young flesh 2: the new sex ed. They’re
learning fast!

Pussy Galore
[cat food?]

Derma Revive
stops ageing in its tracks
[outside, near the bar]

Signs in Wonderland Burger

Wonderland. Praise? Comments? Complaints?
Interested in what goes into our food?
Want to hear about our latest offers and
promotions? Or just want to speak to Chesh
the Cat? Call 555-6328 The Wonderline!
Cheshire Cat’s Kids Menu
Alice’s Favorite $1.60
Pancake filled with Mushroom 1.35
Pancake filled with chocolate 1.43
Desser of the Heart Queen 1.22
Joker Brownie .56
Honey Boney .80
Monaco .70
White Rabbit’s Quick Solo Meals Menu
Rose Red Double Angus 4.55
White Rabbit Wonder Burger 3.23
Footman Fishburger 4.36
Mock turtle Chowder 3.92
Eat Me Cheesecake 1.32
Mad Hatter Tea Party Bucket Menu
Wonderburger 3500
Wonderburger with Cheese 3.65
Mad Hatter Burger 3.62
Wonderfish Burger 3.75
Wonder Dish 4.55
Rabbit Crunch 4.36

plus support
Local singer songwriter
one night only
sensual ballads and sexy beats
8pm till late
[on wall in hallway before you meet older Dahlia]

Lost children?
Lost children?
Call 555-5678 for assistance.
[on wall in amusement park]

First Aid Procedures
Lakeside Amusement Park
First Aid Procedures call 911

Major Injury
Breathing difficulty or suspected Heart Attack
When a person cannot breath or should not
be moved.

Emergency Instructions
Call 911
when calling for assistance, state Lakeside amusemtne park
and give building/zone name
Seek help from the nearest trained park representative.
Once they are on-scene, go to the vehicle access area
to direct emergency personelle when they arrive

Reporting Injuries
Report to your supervisor or ride manager
Complete Riverside Incident Report
Send request to the Safety office

Call 911 Immediately
[in amusement park]

Hydraulic Ramp Safety Notice
The owner and operator of this
equipment shall have an understanding of this and jack and
safe operating procedures before attempting to use.


1. Verify that the product and application are compatible.
2. Assemble handle, ensure spring clips align with slots.
3. Use the notched end to engage, turn release valve.
a. Clockwise until firm resistance is felt to
further turning. This is the Closed release valve
position used to raise the ram plunger.
b. Counter-clockwise, but no more than 1/2
turn from the closed position. This is the Open
release valve position used to lower
the ram plunger.
4. With ram fully retracted, locate and remove
teh oil filter plug/screw. Insert the handle into
the handle sleeve, then pump 6 to 8 strokes,
Ensure the oil lovet is just below the oil filer
hole.Reinstall the oil filter plug/screw.
5. Pour a teaspoon of good quality air tool
lubricant into the air supply inlet of the lift
control valve. Connect the air supplu and
distribute lubricant.
6. Replace worn or damaged parts and
assemblies with Stant authorized
replacement parts only.
[in warehouse near mall]

freshly legal
freshly legal
young Flesh 2
The new sex ed
They’re learning fast
[clear picture, back room]

DVD Transfer
DVD Transfers!
Copy your old video tapes
to DVD
Your old home movies
on DISC!!
Ask for details
[in Clear picture]

Silent Hill useful phone numbers
Silent Hill useful phone numbers

in an emergency dial

Fire/Police/Ambulance 911

Police station 555-6358
Alchemilla Hospital 555-9400
Brookhaven Hospital 555-9300

Riverside Motel 555-4340
Lakeview Hotel 555-2502
woodland Lodge 555-6128

southside Salvage 555-2212
Fir Tree Garage 555-4341
East Gas 555-5612

for further information plase call
Silent Hill Customer Service center on 311
[warehouse near start of game]

Cammie Boone
Cammie Boone was spit roasted by the entire Cuckoo’s offence here.
Cheerleader whore!! Cuckoos rule! 5-1 [drawing of nude woman]
Sept 6, 2006

This is your lucky day!
[men’s room near beginning of game]

Sorry! Closed due to severe weather.
Will reopen when town thawed!
[tv shop]

Big Ray’s Auto Sales
Big Ray’s Auto Sales. The real deal.
Yesterday’s Models
at today’s prices.
[poster in town]

Camera Obscura
Moments in time captured on film. A century of life in
Silent Hill through the lens.
[poster in town]

The key is in Jane’s jacket.
[Theresa’s dress shop]

Cuckoos News (on wall outside of school)
End of season charity drive
EVeryone is invited to attend the charity drive on Nov. 14.
Participate in the games and entertainment to raise money
for our chosen charity, 555 tALK, the suicide prevention
helpline. This fantastic charity provides a great service
to teens statewide , so please come and spend spend spend!

cuckoos Trick and Treat Oct 31
by Troy Taylor, magazine sports editor

Instead of dressing up like ghouls and spooks this Halloween,
the Eagles traveled to Brahms to play the Falcons on Oct 31.
Leading with a powerful 1st half performance and boosted
by several strong juniors, FC prevailed 38-26. Josh Stevens,
#12, threw for a season high of 122 yards with a 78%
completion average. The quarterback also rushed 5 times
for 30 yards and a touchdown. On the defensive end, juniors
Rudi Valdez and Todd Ramsey led the way with 14 and 16
tackles respectively.

Drawing (on wall in school)
When I grow up I want to buy a motorbike
and drive along the road.

Magic Steps
Magic Steps
Dance School
Begins Octoner 14th
open evenings weekly every thursday at the
Kelly Memorial Sports HAll.
Annual show. Tickets on sale for the annual
student show on November 12th and 13th.
Recent graduates [photos of 6 students]
[in playground]

Playground rules
Playground rules
NO adults except in the company of children.
NO littering and glass bottles.
NO bicycles, rollerskates, scooters, or skateboards.
NO pets.
[crossed out] No use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or smoking.
NO disorderly conduct.
NO entering the playground after it is closed.
[in playground]

United Fruitcake Outlet
United Fruitcake Outlet
Protect your family! Enlist today and expose the conspiracy
at the heart of modern America. Call 555-3825
[billboard on side of bar after you’ve played through at
least once and started a game with the same save file]

Help save our lighthouse
Help save our lighthouse.
[some small print that I can’t read]
Harry comments that it’s a good cause.
[in cafe or bar]

County Weather Service
County Weather Service
Daily weather reports by phone. Updated every 6 hours.
Severe weather warnings. Short range forecasts. Call 555-7669

Friendship by Catherine Anderson

I have a friend
Perfect as can be
She hears my problems
And listens to me

She likes me for me
Loves me for my faults
Says “always be yourself”
“Promise never to change.”
[drawing of hands]
[in school]

TALK (suicide line)
We won’t judge.
We won’t scold.
We won’t hang up.
We’re here to listen 24/7
Call 555-8255
[in school]

Join Chess Club
Join Chess Club
White to play
Mate in two?
[in school]

Alchemilla Radio
Alchemilla Radio
Healing through music
tune in to 101.6 FM
[in hospital room]


“The important thing is not to stop questioning;
curiosity has its own reason for existing. One
cannot help but be in awe when contemplating
the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous
structure of reality. It is enough if
one tries merely to comprehend a little of the
mystery every day. The important thing is not to
stop questioning; never lose a holy curiosity.”

-Albert Einstein
[in school]

In events of suspicious activities, theft, or violence
Call Toluca security
[in mall]

Will ….for $$$ or
[in school]

Lost cat
Mr Milkie

Have you seen my cat?
He is brown with black stripes.
If you see him, please contact
Bobby Ashton
1104 Arcadia Avenue
[alley near beginning of game]

Sounds fun?
Tell that to the 50 people who have died while
“playing” this game in the last ten years.
The Choking Game is dangerous and can lead to
permanent injury and, in many cases, death.
[in school]

Projector (1)
The Natural World
Why did God create mosquitos?
Mosquitoes are a type of fly whose females suck
blood. They are the deadliest spreaders of disease
in existence. People ask, “Why would God
create such a creature?” The original humans,
Adam and Eve, were not vulnerable to
malaria or other diseases. It was only when they
disobeyed God that they lost their strength
and become weak. God did not design mosquitoes
to harm us, but because of our sin
against his will. We suffer in his way.
Mosquito bites are a reminder for us all to obey God!
[in school room 4d]

Projector (2)
[handwritten on board] TEACH HIM RITE!


[handwritten on board] IF HE CUM BACK

Die Mr Gordons!
[in school room 4d]

Projector (3)
drawing of Samael from SH1
[in school room 4d]

Projector (4)
[STD message]
[in school room 4d]

The Albatross
Baudelaire’s The Albatross
translated by class 5 French students
To pass some time at sea, the sailors
will catch the albatross, the big bird
who absentmidely escorts a ship
across the black depths of the sea
[in school]

I can’t stop thinking of you in class. you are so
beautiful. I will never stop loving you – Herb
[handwritten note in classroom with drawing of
a heart. Harry comments that it’s cute.]

School Paper

Have an urge to write?
Want to get to the truth of the matter?
Want to get free tickets to movies?

Join the school newspaper team and begin
a life of adventure!
Interested? Call the editorial staff
on 555-7857
Also, we have an URGENT need for
photographers to help out the picture desk.
[in school]

Midwich High School Senior Players
Present a production of
The School of hard knocks
Midwich Sports Hall
[poster outside school]

Schooner Miranda
Schooner Miranda
Sailed from this shore on November 13th 1869
capsized in the winter storms.
She was ost with all hands.
This plaque is dedicated to their memory.

J. Barnhill P. Hopkins
N. Brown A. Court
K. Ford J. Court
M. Jarman JC Gale
H. Stewart P. O leary
J. Lane M. Burne
M. Navidson PO Bryan
[plaque on the statue near the souvenir shop]

Casting Call!
Casting Call!
Actors to play parts in local movie.
Look for enthusistic, outgoing people. Experience of amateur
dramatics, radio plays, modeling or dance a bonus. Don’t just
watch movies, be part of them!

Before your time
Before your time
A precious song cut short
never lived the life you ought
out dearest, dearest little one
we love you even now you’re gone
[on bridge near mall entrance, with a flower]

Balkan Poster
The Balkan.
Dance. Drink. Live.
Every night of the week!
[seen while walking with Lisa]

Alchemilla Radio
1. Night driving
2. What did she say?
3. My magic guitar
4. Daddy’s Girl
5. Crying tonight
6. My Love for You
7. Rockin rabbit
8. Up all night
9. Never again
10. Happy Returns
[list of song titles in the hospital room]

River Fishing Regulations
River Fishing Regulations

1. Season length. From 3rd Saturday in June to Dec 31
2. Anglers must have a current fishing license.
3. Daily bag limit is 4 fish. Note that the bag limit
for fishing about the Paleville Confluence is 1 fish per day.
4. Minimum size limit is 12″. All fish caught below
this size must be released.
5. Jug and snag fishing are prohibited.
Penalties apply under law.
This waterway is ranger patrolled.
State Department of Natural Resources. (SDNR)
Telephone 555-3474
[near lake, fishing cabin]

Jobs in your area
Jobs in your area

Retail loss prevention assoc. needed
Primary duties.
Maintain safe environment for store employees and guests
Greet guests in an exceptionally friendly manner
Monitor all store entrances for safety control and
guide customer traffic when needed

Weekend work is required

call Susan 555-7872
[in mall]

Burn this shithole
Burn this shithole
Burn all you people
[graffiti of skull and crossbones on red background]
[mall shutter]

Join Tookie
Join Tookie

Toluca Mall is looking for children aged 4 to 10 years
old to feature in a forthcoming promotion!

To receive an application pack
call 555 8665

Applicants will need permission of a parent or guardian
and proof [can’t read] to qualify for entry
[in mall]

Toluca Lake
Toluca Lake

Almost 1 000 000 years ago, glaciers 5 000 feet thick
covered most of the Eastern coast of the United States.
As these gigantic ice formations clawed their way across
the continent that gouges huge holes in the earth.
The melting ice filled these with water and created
the Great Lakes that we know today.

The first Europeans to see Lake toluca were German
traders and explorers in the 1600s. It was Jens Heinrich
(1567-1635) who first “tapped” the lake and surrounding
area, calling it Bodensee. It was later named “Lake of
the Foul Water” or “Lake of the Puants” after the people
who occupied its shores.
[plaque on street near park

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