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SHPN English Beta v0.2 (1/24/13)
Report filed by Jan 24th, 2013

I will be making a few more posts on this as I test and fix issues. If you find issues, please tell me about them. By this, I mean when an onscreen option doesn’t work or there is a placeholder image here and there. I will add the rest of the audio and video in the final version, I am not putting it there now because it’ll just increase the filesize and cause me a pain in the ass.

Here are the issues (chapter-section) that were fixed in this version:
2-10 – missing text
2-11 – missing text
2-14 – missing text
2-16 – missing text
3-1 – missing text
7-1 (filename typo after Kaufmann choice fixed)
-buttons from html choices replaced (however, these will be phased out as I put the rest of it into flash)

Some of the Cybil stuff is still plain html (no flash) so I will be upgrading that a bit in the future, but for now, I am mostly concerned about all the text being there and all the branches working.

The game is at

ETA: Downloadable BETA version 0.2 is here: EXE in a ZIP file, 43 Mb. REMOVED FOR NOW because it was not creating the shortcut right, so people were having trouble finding the file to open. I will fix this shortly.
^ This zip file has the same name as the previous one, but the file inside it has a different name.

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  1. Hey, just wondering, would I be able to play this on my android phone? I have a HTC EVO 3D. If so, what would I need to play it?

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