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Silent Fly Cam/Charhack instructions
Report filed by Mar 10th, 2009


seems to be the easiest to use, but doesn’t seem to work on all computers.

1. download: sh_fly.rar
2. open sh2 or sh3
3. Open silent fly and choose the game (sh2 or sh3)
4. click “go” to find coordinates
5. Change the coordinates, click Go again. (In sh3 you can’t change Heather’s coordinates, just the camera’s)

NOTE: NFLTR says it does not seem to work on SH2:DC, so that might be why some people are having problems.

10 Responses to “Silent Fly Cam/Charhack instructions”

  1. Polish

    To nie działa ;/ zrobiłem tak samo jak tu jest na zdjęciu ;/


    It does not work ;/ I did just as there is in the picture ;/

  2. It may not work on all computers.

    July 12th, 2010

  3. What kind of computer does it can fly?
    win98 or win7 or MacOS?
    anyway XP doesn’t work

  4. I have only used this on WINXP and it works fine for me, I have heard that it doesn’t on other computers though.

  5. When i press go! i get this message

  6. You might have to delete the russian language file if it’s there, if there is an english and a russian.

  7. Doesn’t work :/

  8. As I said in the intructions, this program does not seem to work on all computers. There may be other programs out there,but I haven’t used them. You may want to try the sh modifications yahoo group.

  9. I finnaly found how this work you need Silent Hill 2 version or Restless Dreams and not Directors cut hope this helps

  10. Thanks. I thought I wrote that here, but I guess I just mentioned it in the podcast. I will go back and edit the post here, too.

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