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Silent Hill 2 vs. Blue Velvet
Report filed by May 2nd, 2013

(List of possible inspirations and similarities.)

Silent Hill 2: Maria is a woman who dyes/bleaches her hair (unnatural hair because color is changed), whose personality changes unpredictably, and who grows attached to James over the course of the game. She works as a performer in a bar.
Blue Velvet: Dorothy is a woman who wears a wig (unnatural hair because it’s a wig), whose personality changes unpredictably, and who grows attached to Jeffrey over the course of the film. She works as a performer in a bar.

Silent Hill 2: Heaven’s Night,. same stage/curtains as bar in Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet: the bar where Dorothy sings.

Silent Hill 2: Angela, a victim of sexual abuse whose family is missing, wields a large kitchen knife
Blue Velvet: Dorothy, a woman whose husband and child are missing and who is suffering sexual abuse from Frank, wields a large kitchen knife

Silent Hill 2: Blue Creek Apartments, where James first meets Pyramid Head.
Blue Velvet: Deep River Apartments, where Dorothy Vallens lives.

Silent Hill 2: Pyramid Head moves kind of drunkenly (Ito says movements inspired by drunk people in Making of SH2), abuses monsters and attacks James, and James shoots at him from a closet where he’s hiding. Represents a different side of James, and makes him realize his guilt.
Blue Velvet: Frank huffs drugs and sexually abuses Dorothy, beats up Jeffrey (also tells him “you’re like me” which underlines the idea of them as different aspects of the same whole, and in sh2, angela says this to james), and Jeffrey shoots at him from a closet where he’s hiding.

Hiding in the closet.

Shooting from the closet.

Additional crap:
-There is a great contrast between the 2 women in James’ life: Mary and Maria. Likewise, Dorothy (Isabella Rosellini) and Laura Dern’s characters are quite different.
-In the beginning of the movie, Jeffrey finds and ear (used to hear, important in communication). It leads him to go looking for Dorothy. In the beginning of SH2, James gets a letter, finds a radio, and later, a set of headphones, all tools of communication.

One Response to “Silent Hill 2 vs. Blue Velvet”

  1. I love Pyramid Head’s drunken staggering. 🙂

    Great article Amy, I’d say you’re right on all points, here. The Blue Velvet influence on Silent Hill 2 is striking, when you look back.

    One of the early establishing sequences in Blue Velvet speaks volumes about both works, too, I think. When the camera is panning over the beautiful suburban landscape and the eponymous song plays, just before the camera dives into a stark closeup of the earth, insects writhing and swarming through the green blades of grass. And the soundtrack blares obnoxious, insect-like noises.

    A hidden world, just out of view. Brutal, primitive and thriving, no matter how tranquil the surface world appears.

    A French biographer, Michel Chion, wrote a good book on Lynch, with some wild interpretations of his films. Sound design was apparently very important in BV [the discovery of the ear] – I’d say that was picked up on by Team Silent, too.

    May 6th, 2013

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