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Silent Hill 2
By Dec 8th, 2009

Screencaps, scans, and other images

  • Image Gallery
  • PS2 promo version scans
  • PC version disc/book scans
  • Lost Memories DVD Screencaps
  • Scan of Magazine articles, Etc.


  • Let’s Camhack SH2: camhacked playthrough
  • Storyboard comparison: cemetery
  • SH2 hidden Brookhaven hallway
  • Invisible prison monster
  • Angela in SH3
  • Silent Hill stuff in PS Home
  • SH2 Mandarins and SH3 Closers comparison

    Info, Trivia, Secrets, Etc.

  • Walkthrough
  • How to get all endings
  • The Maria Bug
  • Uncensored Memos
  • Maria Pole dance rumor

  • SH2 Chapel on the Lake
  • Silent Hill 2 vs. Blue Velvet
  • Differences in the HD Collection
  • Dead guy is James is Harry


  • SH2 model extractor
  • Silent Fly
  • SH Texture Explorer
  • SH 234 Level/Model viewer
  • SH Resource Editor


  • SH2 PC: Maria Bug save
  • SH2 PC: James on Toluca Lake island save
  • SH2 Models/levels for download [SHC]

  • James’ patches in various formats for computerized embroidery machines
  • SH2 textures 1
  • SH2 textures 3
  • SH2 textures 3
  • Printable documents

    Modified skins for PC

  • Invisible James skin for PC*
  • James as Harry skin for PC*
  • Laura as Cheryl skin for PC*
  • Maria as Mary skin for PC*
  • Shirtless James skin for PC*
  • Mary as Alessa skin for PC*

    *Always back up corresponding mdl or bin files before unzipping to appropriate data folder.

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