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Silent Hill 4 UFO Ending items (unused)
Report filed by Jan 4th, 2013

Items probably for an unused UFO ending can be found in the files of SH4. They can be found with the texture explorer or by using Action Replay codes, but cannot be used.

Channeling Stone model is located in the files near the hidden room in Henry’s apartment, so it may have been located there, possibly on the shelves or in the fridge.

Dirty Stone
It probably gets washed like the coin and becomes the channeling stone.

Channeling Stone.
Probably used to obtain a UFO ending.

Red balm/perfume (exorcism)

A special balm for exorcism.
If thrown on the ground, a large area will be exorcised.

Master Key
An old-fashioned key.
“4S cemetery” has been carved on to it.

Possibly used to either obtain the items above or to use them.

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