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Silent Hill Ambulance Ending Rumor
Report filed by Feb 9th, 2011

This started on the GameFAQs messageboards in 1999 or so.

Felon has been snorting some White Claudia:
“allright first things first…i got 9 of 10 stars on hard next fear
my 5th time through your 5th time you get gold…and each time i got
a different ending im not sure if that did it or not but im pretty
possitive…well i started another game and when i got to the school
i noticed something new! it let me take the glucose and dist.
water…well i started trying to use it everywhere until i got to
the hospitol…where i used them to blow open the door across from
hospitol doors to the hospitol parking lot…were i found
oil…wow…??…anyway…i got confused and went on with my game
until i got to the gas station…where i took my gas and if you
noticed like i did when u go through next fear a couple times you
can use the saw and rockdrill both without adding the gas can??
anyway i tryed the oil on that engine in the station cool! now i
can take the engine…back to the hospitol where i put the
engine into an ambulance and used the gas!!!!! at this point im in
aw like what next…well as you might have figured you use the
ambulance to break through the barrier with its new V-8
muwahahahaha…and had a little fun running over things (sirens
flaring) and decided to take a look at the map to see what i could
maybe do next…after a couple of trys leaving town and such i
noticed the other parking lot…you know the one in gray on the
map with skid marks going in…bam busted in that bitch…
searched around found the boat key…went on as usual again…ah
ha i can take the drugs in the safe now…got to the boat and
fired it up…took it around to the boat dock…you know where
the red thingy was by indian runner…got out and i seen a bunch
of plants and such…i took the blossoms off the plant…white
claudia if you didnt guess…okay went on as usual untill 3rd
floor of nowhere where it let me read the botanical book…
talked about the white claudia and shit…said something about
a ceremony…and remember when you were at the alter in
antique shop? you search on it and it says “i wonder what they
worship” or something…anyways i mixed the drugs and claudia in
that alter right outside the door where the book was and made
a shitload of aglaphogis or whatever its called…used it on
alessa and…i wont ruin it give me props in your faq for this!
handle – felon – peace”

I made a video based on it many years ago because I found the idea entertaining:

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