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    Silent Hill and Alejandro Jodorowsky
    Report filed by Feb 28th, 2013

    Jodorowsky was named as an influence in Lost Memories, and there are many visual similarities that show this influence.

    The end area of Silent Hill 4, with bodies on the walls, is much like the place with people representing different planets in The Holy Mountain.

    The flayed lambs resemble the bodies hanging around various parts of the first game.

    Probably just drawing from similar occult symbolism.

    In this image from The Holy Mountain, the oval opening is supposed to represent a mechanical vagina. There is a lot of similar imagery in Silent Hill 3 (for example, the door to get off the carousel, and the hole you jump into before fighting the end boss).

    There are also similarities between Silent Hill 3 and Santa Sangre. Claudia in SH3 was based partly on the priestess from Santa Sangre (in the picture above, it’s the woman in red behind the one in white).

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