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Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle
Report filed by Jul 29th, 2015

Cage of Cradle was a cellphone comic released in Japan in 2006. The story was by Hiroyuki Owaku and it was illustrated by Masahiro Ito. It has never been released in print or outside Japan. The file above collects all known images from the comic together in a flash file. The story focuses on Lisa Garland and takes place before the first game. Images collected from the trailer, Ito’s Twitter and forum, panels translated into English saved from I don’t know how many pages the actual cellphone comic has. These are just the ones I’ve been able to find on the internet.

  • Cage of Cradle image gallery
  • Download *.swf file


    Trailer for Cage of Cradle, from the Japanese release of the first movie on DVD:

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  • One Response to “Silent Hill: Cage of Cradle”

    1. Looks like Lisa’s boobs grew several sizes in this.

      Overall, the comic looks interesting. Better than the Scott Ciencin ones, certainly. I wish a full translation were available.

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