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Silent Hill: Paint it Black
Report filed by Mar 9th, 2009

shpaintitblackI’ve been meaning to review some Silent Hill comics for a long time, but rereading them is just so painful at times. Paint it Black is one that I didn’t want to dislike too much, but it makes it easy for the reader to dislike it starting about halfway through. I laughed out loud when on the first page, somebody says, “It’s crap!” They’re talking about all the Silent Hill comics, thought I. But no, they were talking about the main character’s artwork.

Listen up folks: the reason that the Silent Hill videogame series works is because the main characters are not tormented artists. If they had been, everyone that’s not a tormented artist would refure to play them. On the semi-bright side, at least it’s not a tortured artist goth kid, it’s an unwashed metalhead. The story actually starts out okay, despite the annoying dialogue and clicheed characters, and there were a few funny moments.

For example, when our hero’s friend gets sick of him freeloading off him and kicks him out, he hears about Silent Hill, where you get free cable and the grocery stores are stocked, though no one is around. Hell yes, thinks our hero, and he heads there straightaway, thinking it’s the coolest place he’s ever been to. At this point it becomes sort of like H.P. Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model.” Without leaving Silent Hill, Ike gets famous for painting all these weird monsters. Of course, no one suspects that he’s painting from life. He can’t even enjoy his fame, because he blacks out after painting and the paintings just disappear. The monsters leave him alone as long as he paints them. They kill everybody else that comes into town, but Ike couldn’t care less.

All of this could be endured if a busload of cheerleaders didn’t show up at right after. Seeing hordes of bubbly, scantily-clad girls causes our hero to change a bit, and he decides maybe he doesn’t want to feed them to the monsters. Bad move. I should mention that there are several Pyramid Heads running around too. Argh. The artwork is okay, it ranges from crap to decent here and there, and the story is fairly simple. It’s not the worst SH comic, but it could’ve been better.


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