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Silent Hill: The Hunger
Report filed by Mar 11th, 2009

The whole Silent Hill comic book series seems to be cursed. You just can’t find a good one. Or maybe it’s the fact that all the storylines are incredibly lame, the writing has been not great, and the artwork hit or miss. That being said, I’ll have to call this the best of the comics, and it’s not even in book form. It was released on PSP only for the Silent Hill Experience UMD disc.

Douglas Payne Brenneman is an ambitious newspaper reporter. Rosy is his girlfriend. They live in Silent Hill, a happy little old-fashioned town.

Douglas starts off by telling his girlfriend about a strange dream he had about weird monster things. He gets a boring assignment to report on some lady with a greenhouse, then he and he editor run off to chase an ambulance. It seems there was a grisly murder, but they can’t get any info. While leaving they seem some pale dude in a coat. I usually appreciate Lovecraft references but this Whateley character was hard to take seriously; he reminded me too much of Julian Sands in the Warlock movies. Pale, serious, ominous dude in a dark coat that disappears when trucks go by. Yawn.

That being said, the art is better than most of the series and the story is good enough. Or maybe it’s just that the others suck so badly, this one seemed good by comparison. In any case, it’s not too bad and the UMD semi-animated format is interesting. It plays various tracks from the games all the while in the background. The story, though rather convoluted, is at least a lot better thought-out than other SH comics, as are most of the monsters; though I as mildly annoyed by things that seemed pulled out of the games for no reason here and there. Overall though, probably the best SH comic.

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2 Responses to “Silent Hill: The Hunger”

  1. Isn’t there a scene in this with that goat thing from the first game? Can you take a still of that? I’d like to see more of the mysterious Warlock guy,t oo!

  2. Yeah, all sorts of random crap thrown in there. I don’t know how to mke PSP screencaps though, these are all made from downloaded video.

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