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    SilentHillCommunity.com forums back online!
    Report filed by Apr 16th, 2013

    Due to not having as much time for the forum right now, Ratiocinator (igotaletter.com) has transferred ownership of the domain to me (Amy/nur_ein_tier).

    The forums are back online now, so head on over to silenthillcommunity.com!

    The name servers were just updated today, so it may not be working worldwide yet. If you don’t see an announcement that the transfer is done, or if the forums are locked, that means you aren’t seeing it on the new server. You can either wait a day or so until the name servers propagate, or you can visit the temporary redirect at shc.alchemillahospital.net which I will leave up for a few days, after which you will have to visit the regular SHC domain to visit the forums. Thanks for your patience! I have also added a few new smilies and the strike feature for text.

    Edit: Today I am going to make the shc subdomain auto-redirect to silenthillcommunity.com. If you have that bookmarked, and not the SHC domain, please update your bookmarks!

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