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The Maria Bug
Report filed by Aug 20th, 2009



This is having Maria follow you through the game, instead of leaving her at the hospital, discovered by Kinjit, I think, or at least Kinjit made some cool videos of it. This causes all sorts of weirdness, like when you meet her in the cell, she’s in the cell and also with you, so you can end up with 2 Marias in one room. One the downside, as always, if Maria dies, you die. In some places and on hard mode, this is problematic, especially the 2 PH fight. You have to pay attention to where she is and try not to let her die, not to mention try not to accidentally shoot her while aiming for something else!

How does it work? You need the Historical Society key right after meeting Maria for the first time. This lets you skip the hospital and go right to the Historical society. This is done with a trainer, but I’ve heard that the trainer itself may have a virus so I deleted it. However, I have this save file I made so you don’t need the trainer. Just unzip the save files and you will have save games with both Maria and the key. Load the “Town West” save, which is right after meeting Maria in the park, and go right to the Historical Society. This will allow you to play through the whole game with her following you.

Here is the save file:

GameCopyWorld has trainers, but it depends on what version of the game you have, and some don’t seem to work on all operating systems:

  • http://www.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_silent_hill_2.shtml


  • 3 Responses to “The Maria Bug”

    1. I have a question about this, is this for the pc or ps2? Or both? Maybe even xbox?

    2. If there are codes to get all items for PS2 or Xbox,m you could do it, though I hear that it freezes the game after a while for xbox. I’ve only ever done it on pc.

    3. It happens in the Ps2 Directors cut version. From you leaving the Hospital (Maria is outside waiting for you) till you enter the room in the underground catacomb to fight Angela’s “daddy” then the game freezes.

      November 12th, 2009

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