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Top ten Silent Hill locations/areas
Report filed by Mar 19th, 2013

A completely arbitrary list of my favorite areas, and why they are my favorite. In no particular order.

Silent Hill: Nowhere.
You expected me to say Alchemilla Hospital, I suppose… No, but Nowhere has got to be my favorite location in the history of videogames, forever. It builds on the coolness of the otherworld version of the hospital, and adds all kind of tricks. You still have the nurses, but now there are also other baddies. The keys and hallways are set up to be confusing. There is the great scene with Lisa, and creepy areas like the morgue. But most of all, I love the nightmarish-ness of it. Not just the creepiness of the visuals, but the way rooms from other parts of the game are just randomly stuck in there, like it’s using dream logic. It’s like the internal logic of the Otherworld is breaking down a bit as we get closer to Alessa (and the last rooms are the basement rooms, and finally, Alessa’s bedroom). It does make it feel like a culmination of everything that went before, leading you to the end areas where more of the story is explained.
Silent Hill: Midwich Elementary School (Alternate)
After emerging from the clock tower and finding the whole place has gone wrong, I promptly crapped my pants and decided this was the best game I’d ever played. This was in 1999, playing in the dark in the middle of the night. I dreaded opening classroom doors, because I knew I’d get swarmed with grey children. Visually, this is my favorite part of any of the games. Sure, you can say the graphics suck, but the design doesn’t, and it makes the best possible use of what the PSX had to offer.
Shattered Memories: Toluca Mall
Snooping around stores is great fun, too, especially since there is a lot of detail here. I also like Tookie.
Silent Hill 2: Lakeview Hotel
Sure, the apartments were interesting, and so was the town, but the hotel really is a “special place.” The combination of the remote feel of the area (especially getting there by boat), the lack of people (besides Laura), the design, and the music all add to the bleak and depressing feel of this section of the game. I especially like the look of the hotel once it’s been burned and water-damaged.
Silent Hill Origins: Artaud Theater
I also really liked the motel and the sanitarium, but the motel got tedious sometimes and the sanitarium was too dark and also a bit tedious with all the running back and forth. The theater is just right. I liked the way you had to change the sets and walk into them, I liked the hanging puppet monsters, and I liked the overall design of the level. It was also just about the right length for an area, so I didn’t get sick of it.
Silent Hill 4: Apartments
I’m just going to cheat and say all the apartment stuff here. I like being nosy in these games and snooping around, and SH4 gives us ample opportunity to do so. I like how every apartment has its own personality, and the contents and decorations make them feel lived-in.

I’m also counting Henry’s apartment here, the titular Room. After the title sequence, the regular apartment seems pretty boring, just like Henry, but things change as you go along. I like the way it feels like the only safe place in the world at first, and you always want to get back there and restore your health or get stuff from the storage box. Then, suddenly, the place gets haunted. It stops filling your health. You start to dread going back there, because it’s so unpredictable and potentially dangerous. This is what I love about Henry’s apartment.

Silent Hill 2: the town
I had to get the outdoor areas of the town in here somewhere. I really loved the openness of the first game’s outdoor areas, especially when it was dark and rainy, but I’m choosing SH2. Partly because, when I first got this game, it looked awesome. It was actually the first game I played when I got a PS2. There was so much detail, and the town felt so much bigger than it was in the first game. I loved all the little things like store signs, working streetlights, houses, billboards, and Rosewater Park.
Silent Hill 3: Chapel
I like this part a lot because it recalls Nowhere in the first game, with the way random rooms are added on to the corridors of the chapel. Also because you go in, thinking it’s just the main altar area and some back rooms, and suddenly there are classrooms, part of your apartment, elevators and really huge spaces. The narrowness of the halls was nerve wracking at times, too, especially when there was more than one enemy in your way. I also liked the Valtiel appearances throughout.
Silent Hill 3: Lakeside Amusement Park

I know, there are lots of cool areas in SH3, and the chapel was cool, too. For me, this was extra cool because it allowed us to revisit a part that was in the first game, but with better graphics and more detail. I suppose nostalgia plays a big factor here, but I also enjoyed just walking around a big creepy amusement park full of monsters. I also like the way the carousel fight recalls the Cybil fight in the first game.

Silent Hill Downpour: Centennial Building
I liked some of the outdoor parts of Downpour, but the game lagged there so badly it killed the experience for me. I also didn’t like how closed-off a lot of it felt. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Centennial Building, especially the different areas and the variety of stuff that goes on there (using ladders, moving things around, etc.)

3 Responses to “Top ten Silent Hill locations/areas”

  1. Amzing, we have the same taste for the places, I was talking with some friend about Silent Hill The Room in other Silent Hill fan site and i see that a lot of people doesn´t like it, but is my second favorite, I love the sickness and the fact that Henry is really a colateral damege XD

    --Jose Luis Mazzi
    March 19th, 2013

  2. I regretted doing this list as soon as I started, it was too damned hard…

    But yeah, I liked SH4. There were things I disliked about it (can’t kill ghosts, have to repeat areas), but overall I liked it. i think a lot of people didn’t like it because of the differences, like no flashlight, and the fighting, and the 1st person view in the apartments, etc.

  3. Love the outdoors in silent hill 2/3 there needs to be a no fog mod to show off what is actually in the town. the best thing about these games are the attention to detail when it comes to vehicles even though you cant drive them.

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