Silent Hill Spring Giveaway! -Silent Hill Spring Giveaway!
-Silent Hill: Betrayal by Shaun Jooste
-Silent Hill Omnibus is coming.
-Happy 4th of July!
-Restoring site
-Konami will “continue to develop SH series” but SHs canceled
-More News
-Silent Hill 1
-Silent Hill 2
-Silent Hill 3
-Silent Hill 4
-SH: Homecoming
-SH 0rigins
-SH Downpour
-PT/Silent Hills
-SH: Play Novel
-SH Experience
-Everything else
Winter Giveaway winners…
Report filed by Mar 2nd, 2013

Congrats to Margaret G. from Georgia, main prize (everything listed below); additional prizes: poster & earrings for Leslie J (Burlington, VT) and Arin R. (Harrisonville PA); phone card + saint medallions for Thomas H (Essex, UK) and Christopher M. (Montreal, Quebec).


  • SH 0rigins handpainted resin flauros keychain
  • Silent Hill 2 set of iron-on embroidered patches based on the ones on James’ jacket, 2 red/yellow ones, blue East End one, yellow Frontier.
  • Silent Hill 3 soundtrack cd.
  • Silent Hill 4 Saint Medallion, handpainted resin on 20″ chain with lobster clasp.
  • Pyramid Head Silent Hill: Homecoming 17×14 silk poster
  • Nurse phone card from China (not usable, just a collector item) with nurses from the Silent Hill movie. 1 card, not 2 as shown in the photo below. Other one is mine. =0P
  • Silent Hill Downpour Tshirt, size XL (only size I have, so no other options on this, sorry if it does not fit you) with Murphy’s prison number on the back, SHD logo on the chest.
  • Silent Hill Revelation 3D promo poster

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